Fall is Here!

Time to break out the tweed and cashmere – fall is here!


I have a habit of writing every year about how much I love fall, and this year will be more of the same.  It’s such a perfect time for bike riding, especially for riding in full work clothes without arriving sweaty.


I enthusiastically pulled out from under my bed the two containers of cold-weather clothes and suddenly I have a whole new wardrobe.  This week I will replenish my supply of black and brown tights, then I’ll be good to go through early spring.  :-)



  • Martin Rutgersson

    Well, the autumn
    really suits you. Beautiful picture!


    Sailing cyclist

    • http://myaudienceisowls.blogspot.com/ Dottie


  • http://www.birdandseed.net/ Connie Martin

    I love riding through leaves. Although, they keep getting stuck in my fenders and breaks. Leaf debris necessitates more frequent bike cleaning I think.

    • http://myaudienceisowls.blogspot.com/ Dottie

      True, that’s a downside. Also wet leaves can be slippery.

  • E A

    I see Oma is back up and running :-)

    You embrace fall the way I wish I could… I just don’t like the chilly temps and dark commutes.

    • http://myaudienceisowls.blogspot.com/ Dottie

      Yup she’s been back in action for a couple of months.

  • Katja

    As someone who loves cycling but is a little nervous about cold temps + twilight commutes: got any tips?

    • http://myaudienceisowls.blogspot.com/ Dottie

      Good question, Katja! We’ve written about this some in the past, but we’ll work on a new post to put our tips together.

      • Lipska

        Yes, please! I’d be especially keen to hear about good tights for winter commuting. I’ve experimented quite a lot, but haven’t found anything that would be good for really cold weather. Falke softmerino always rip at the y-seams (don’t know why); smartwool tights totally overwhelmed me in sizing (I’m a tall girl with curves), and anything polyester-y just does not work for me.

        • Lipska

          (edit: *under*whelmed me, the crotch of size L tights was a little above my knees…)

  • http://transitized.com/ Shaun Jacobsen

    Reason I love this weather and will ride to work every day on my bike is because I don’t have to worry about changing some parts of my outfit when I arrive :)

    • http://myaudienceisowls.blogspot.com/ Dottie

      Yes, makes everything so much easier. :)

  • Bobbin and Sprocket

    Yay for fall!!! I’ve been pulling out all my woolens and knitting even more lately. And it’s so nice to arrive at work all warmed up, but not sweating. I’m even looking forward to doing more sport cycling this fall/winter. Because why stop at commuting! BTW, love that crate on the front of your Oma. I need to replace the stock basket that came on my Pash.

  • http://www.outpost505.com/ Elizabeth

    Yesterday was perhaps the first day that I wasn’t sweaty when I boarded the train with my bike after my 4 mile ride downtown. Hooray!