Divvy! Divvy! Divvy!

Divvy bikes are taking over Chicago!  On Wednesday, I had plans with my friend Sara for dinner and a movie after work.  Just that morning, I saw a brand new Divvy station near my home and before heading out to meet Sara, I realized that  I could easily Divvy the whole night long.

There’s the starting Divvy station:


The Divvy station across the street from the restaurant:


And the Divvy station a block from the movie theater:


Here’s Sara with her Divvy-colored Pashley.  :-)


And coming full circle at the end of the night, I returned my Divvy.


I’m excited as new stations continue to pop up daily.

Chicago is doing Divvy so right!

  • Duna

    I just wish they had pricing options in between a year membership and a 24-hour pass. I’m going to be in Chicago for a week starting Tuesday, and I was excited to Divvy everywhere, but paying $7 a day (and having to re-purchase every morning while probably late for the conference!) makes it a decidedly less appealing option.

  • David P.

    I wish I could be as excited about it, but the nearest station to me is and will be about a mile and a half from my house, and I live in Avondale, which isn’t exactly the boonies.

  • Steve A

    What happened to Disqus?