Bike-a-bee founder attacked while bicycling

Jana of Bike-a-bee, who I wrote about last year,  was attacked this week while riding her bike in Logan Square.  A passenger in an SUV leaned out the window and grabbed Jana by her backpack, dragging her on her bike for several seconds.  When she crashed into a parked car and hit the ground,  she could hear the men laughing as they drove away.  They have not been caught, but the police have upgraded the incident from hit-and-run to aggravated battery.

This incident is horrifying, a sad reminder of how awful some people can be and how vulnerable we are on the roads.

You can donate to help Jana with her medical and physical therapy bills and lost income.


    Oh. That’s just horrible.

  • Sarah W.


  • SpokesGal

    HORRIBLE news. We heard about it the day it happened in LA. Sending lots of well wishes from the west coast.

  • Kim

    This is horrifying. I ended up supporting the Bike-a-bee project after you featured it on LGRAB. This is why we need to continue working to get everyone respected on the road.

  • Waher

    The comments on the HuffPo article are horrible. More anti-bike hate than concern over the assault and near murder of a human being by sociopaths.

  • Simply Bike

    Oh my god, this is awful! I can’t even begin to understand why someone would do something like this. I hope Jena recovers and can find the comfort and joy of her bike again despite this terrible incident! I’m so sorry to hear this, Jena!

  • Fat-bottomed Girl

    What I find disturbing about this is that it’s not the usual ‘Cars Vs Bikes’ horror story, it’s somebody who saw a vulnerable woman and decided to hurt and frighten her just because they could. It’s a far more worrying psychology than road rage. Yuck.

    I wish Jana’s mind and body a speedy recovery.