Oma is Back!

Many of you noticed that Oma has not appeared on LGRAB in a long time.  Rest reassured that I did not suddenly decide that Dutch bikes are no longer cool.  I continue to love Dutch bikes and Oma in particular.  The only reason for the absence is that Oma fell over, messing up her crank and bottom bracket, and I was too lazy and cheap to get her fixed.  Seriously, I’m a ridiculous procrastinator.  It’s a problem.


A couple of weeks ago, I finally decided to walk Oma to nearby Heritage Bikes.  I’ve enjoyed breakfast at Heritage, but this was my first experience with their bike shop.  I received good and affordable service, and luckily no new parts were needed.

Here’s Oma’s hospital bracelet:


The day I picked up Oma was hot, so I enjoyed an iced tea with Mr. Dottie in the people spot outside Heritage before heading home.

20130715-R1-01600-014A 20130715-R1-01600-015A

I’m so happy to be reunited with Oma on Chicago’s streets.  Yes, she is slow and heavy, but also comfortable and strong and classy.


I promise much more Oma coverage in the near future.  Happy Dutch-style cycling!  ;-)

{P.S. I’m wearing my Made in Montreal bike dress.}


  • JenCook

    Beautiful bike and great bike dress!!

  • ScottUKEireLover

    Your Oma fell over ages ago! Great idea to combine the chore of finally getting her fixed up with enjoying time with your Mr Dottie. Your right, dutch bikes rock!

    • ScottUKEireLover

      I know this because your blog helped inspire MrsUKEireLover and I to get Gazelle Basics and we’ve hardly been off them since.

  • tooter turtle

    OK, being an engineering person, I am curious how the crank and bottom bracket could be messed up by a fall, and then not require any parts to repair…

    • LGRAB

      They were knocked out of alignment, which caused the crank to freeze.

  • Philippe

    Yay, Oma !
    And very cute dress.