Bright and Clear Winter Biking

What a gorgeous day in Chicago yesterday!  The clear blue sky made the air feel clean and fresh, despite the city pollution.  There was no better way to experience the beauty than on a bicycle.


I biked to work on Betty Foy, flying along, soaking in the sun (through my SPF 46), jamming to PJ Harvey, and wearing my happy red coat.


photo_4resizedI also wore my new Chloe boots, a gift from the second-hand shopping gods.  I stayed up late the night before reconditioning and waterproofing the buttery leather and they are good to go.


During the day, the temperature climbed to the 30′s and after the ride home, I was actually sweating in my (second-hand) cashmere and wool.


This is the kind of winter bicycling I can get used to.  Winter is not all doom and gloom!

(As I type this, I hope everyone in the Northeast is recovering from the blizzard – yikes!)

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  • ridonrides

    Not sure if you have a post on this already, but please share your favorite second hand shops! Those boots look brand new, what a great find. I love a good red coat, very “visiible.”

    • Dottie

      That’s a fun idea – will do! I don’t think I’ve written about my favorite places before.

  • Alpine_Joy

    You are just so alright! I really admire your spunk and attitude. Thank you! David Pearce, of Washington, D.C., and Purcellville & Charlottesville, Va. Hoping not to use to worn a phrase, “Go Girl!” :-)

    • Dottie

      Ha, that is very kind of you. :-) “Go Girl” is always a welcome phrase. I hope your winter is going well over on the mideast coast.