Another Friday

One week ago, I began my Friday morning at Heritage Bikes

For a quick breakfast…

With my friend Elizabeth…

Then we biked to work together…

And 10 hours later Elizabeth was picking me up from the ER and ferrying Coco and me home.  (She also happens to be the organizer of Chicago’s Ride of Silence).  Thanks, E!

Today I plan to get back on the bike for the first time.  Circumstances forced me finally to change Betty Foy’s flat tire, so I’ll be riding her.  :)

Happy Friday!




  • AKA60643

    Wishing you a safe, uneventful Friday.

  • Scott UK

    Enjoy another day in paradise.

  • Jax+Puzzle

    Thinking of you Dottie – Hope you have a great commute with Betty Foy!

  • Jax+Puzzle

    Thinking of you Dottie – Hope you have a great commute with Betty Foy!

  • DawnT

    I’m so sorry you were hit, Dotty and hope you feel better. So happy to hear you’re getting back on your bike so quickly. Go Girl!

  • Blue Fish

    So glad to hear you are back on your bike! May your ride be filled with joy.

  • Sara Struckman

    Happy ride!

  • Julie H.

    The day the Dearborn lanes open is a great day to get back in the saddle!

    • LGRAB

      Yup, and I’m going to the grand opening during my lunch break! :)

      • Julie H.

        I’m in Indy today so sadly couldn’t make it, but I was excited to see lots of Women Who Bike in the Grid Chicago pics!

  • Ash L

    Enjoy your ride today! Everything will be just fine.

    I really love Elizabeth’s windbreaker. Those double zips are grand.

  • Holly

    Happy Friday, Dottie. Enjoy your ride.

  • samhy

    Have a good commute and take care!

  • Grace

    Hi Dottie – saw you from a distance southbound in the Dearborn PBL. Good for you for getting back on your bike and what a great day to be riding.

  • Bob Sonnenberg

    A bike accident can be a life changing event. I was hit from behind on a badly designed bike lane. I am glad to see that you are back on your bike

  • Amy

    I am so glad that you’re okay. You’re a badge of courage.

  • Seri Greenspon

    Happy Friday and enjoy Betty Foy for a change ;) Perhaps you will venture out to the Santa/Dreidel Rampage on 12/15/12? The ride starts at the Twisted Spoke between 12:00pm and 1:00pm and you can catch the group throughout the afternoon.!/events/255255904596638/279613202160908/?notif_t=plan_mall_activity

  • Janice in GA

    Good on you for getting back on the bike! Best wishes for more safe riding, and not too much stress on you! Good mojo coming your way!

  • Jenn

    My small friend and I were very glad to see you out on the Dearborn lane yesterday. Cheers to you and Betty Foy.

  • Ezra @NYMBlog

    I hope you’re first ride back on the bike after a week hiatus was as awesome and safe as it always should be.