August’s Women-Who-Bike Brunch (with kids!)

For our August brunch, the Chicago Women-Who-Bike gathered in Lincoln Park south of the zoo for a scenic picnic.

There were lots of cool ladies with cool bikes.

This month, kids were specifically invited – and enjoyed the nearby petting zoo after brunch.  Happily for them, there was plenty of grass to run around on and trees to climb.

Their moms were rocking some VERY cool multi-passenger bikes.  This Bike Friday Two’sDay Tandem is an awesome little machine.  You can read more about it on One Less Minivan.

Then there was this chic black Madsen with a heavy duty front rack.

This WorkCycles Bakfeits regularly carries three boys.  Read more about it on Chicargo Bike.

Super fun Nutcase helmets!

Taking off…

Betty Foy looked on with respect and admiration.  These women and their bikes are way badass.

If you are a woman in Chicago interested in joining the group, you are very welcome!  Email me at for details.  The next brunch will be Sunday, September 9, at the Nature Museum to check out the final day of the Bikes! The Revolution exhibit.

{P.S.  There’s a great discussion going on in the comments sections of yesterday’s Bicycle Booty post – check it out and share your thoughts!}

  • Simply Bike

    I love it! Looks like a wonderful ride and I love all the flowers in the kids’ helmets! Such a cute idea.


  • Tara

    I LOVE this! I’m a mom to four, so I love seeing families getting out on bikes!

  • **

    Cute children and smiles (Chicagoan Sunshine?)

    • **

      Very likely the children would rmber this occasion lifetime.
      :-)) * ((-:

  • GiveLoveCycle

    We would love to do this in NYC + DC!

  • GiveLoveCycle

    We would love to do this in NYC + DC!

  • GiGi

    How late into the year do you plan to do bike brunches? I really would like to join and meet everyone but I’m still working on buying a new commuter bike since I had to get rid of my last one during the move (thinking of a Heritage or a Pashley, hmmm, decisions), so, it might be a little while.
    Just wondering! Thanks!

    • LGRAB

      September’s brunch will be the final picnic of the year, but we do the brunches at different restaurants all year round! Email me at and I’ll add you to the list. :)

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