Weirdly Wavy

So as I believe I’ve mentioned, my camera is on the fritz…which means my iPhone 3G is my only photographic equipment at the moment. Usually it’s adequate to the task at hand, but sometimes photos turn out a little…interesting.

Do you think it was the heat that was making these photos turn out so wavy? Or perhaps the warp speed at which I ride my 50-pound bike. ;)

Maybe it’s time for an upgrade.

  • Dave

    Must be the warp speed :)

  • Bill Ruhsam

    The iPhone camera doesn’t snap a picture like a dslr or a point and shoot. Instead, it scans the image line by line. That is probably what is causing the effect.

    • Dottie

      Interesting! That makes sense.

      • LGRAB

        Yes, thanks for the demystification! ~T

  • Laura

    Don’t worry about your iPhone; it’s “normal” that your pictures should look like that. Check out ‘rolling shutter’ to see more pictures that look like yours.