Just Glide

So I realized after posting about tips to beat the summer heat that  there was one thing I hadn’t mentioned: Coast when you can! This is probably because I often forget to do this myself. You know those small dogs who, when held above the water, automatically start paddling?

funny gifs

That’s me when my feet are placed above bike pedals.

But here in Nashville, the upside of all the hills are all the downhills! (Well, I guess technically the downhills are the downside, not the upside, but you know what I mean.) And when it’s hot, I try to remind myself to take a break from pedaling and glide down them.

The joys of having a step-through: resting your feet on the top tube!

Are you a phantom pedaler too? Make me feel less alone here. :)


{ gif pulled from gifbin.com }

  • inspiredcyclist

    Oh totally! Great nail color!!!

  • georgina ormrod

    Yes, I too live in hilly terrain and do peddle down hill all the time. Well actually its probably 50/50. Sometimes I just stand up to feel the wind in my hair as I zoom along. I think it depends on how safe I feel in the traffic or lack of.

  • http://letsgorideabike.com/blog Dottie

    Ha ha, that GIF is priceless. GIFs are the best thing to come from the internet, ever.

    I’m glad Chicago does not have hills, but it would be nice to coast downhill. I coast sometimes, but that only results in me going very, very slowly. :)

    Feet on the top tube – fun!