How To: Leather U-Lock Holster

I heard so many great tips from commenters about u-lock schlepping last week.  The one that takes the cake is from Jessie of Bicitoro, who posted an excellent tutorial for creating a u-lock holster from a leather belt.

What a stylish, thrifty, and utilitarian solution!

Check out her step-by-step instructions.  If you create your own, please let us (and Jessie) know.

  • Dom

    amazing! I thought about doing one but working with leather and snaps is difficult. I may try it though…and a carry handle too! (don’t get me wrong, I would totally pay for the walnut studio product, but they don’t fit on my frame).

  • Jessie K

    Wow, thanks for posting! I snoop around here almost every day, and my jaw just dropped when I saw this.

    Yes, please do let me know if you make one, and especially if you improve on the design. I love suggestions!


    • LGRAB

      Thanks so much for sharing this awesome idea with everyone!

  • Terry Bruce

    I love this idea and it has just gone to the top of my list of things to try. will post pics if I can get it to work!

    • LGRAB

      Cool, we’d love to see!

  • Lisa Corriveau

    Love this idea! Posted it on my blog’s FB page: