Blues Brothers in Wrigley Field

On Friday,  I saw a special outdoor showing of Blues Brothers at Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs.  This was my first time watching the iconic Chicago movie and there was no better opportunity to do so, as the setting was dramatic and the audience was absolutely enthusiastic.  Although the temperature reached a high of 100 degrees that day, I was happy to take my seat in the bleachers, knowing the sun would soon set.

The ride to Wrigley Field was quick and there was ample bike parking right outside the stadium.  We were glad to avoid the expensive nightmare that is car parking.

Chika on the left also biked there, from several miles away.  I thought she took the L train, judging by her miraculously fresh appearance, complete with a skirt and pearls.  Sara on the right simply walked to the stadium.

Here is my favorite bit of the movie:

Elwood: It’s 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, a half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark and we’re wearing sunglasses.

Jake: Hit it.

Speaking of wearing sunglasses in the dark, just before the movie began, we in the audience broke the Guinness Book record for the most people wearing sunglasses in the dark at once. Yes, apparently, there is a Guinness Book record for pretty much everything!

This was one of those perfect Chicago nights that make me so happy to live and bike in this city.

  • Cyclinmissy

    I have quoted that line from the movie since I was a little kid and watched it with my parents.  Also hard to beat the epic car crashes!

  • Bike Lane Living

    Love that movie – it’s a classic! How fun to watch it at Wrigley Field.

  • steve_a_dfw

    My favorite scene in that movie is Twiggy in her mighty V-12 Jaguar E type convertible OTS. Sable color with biscuit interior. CLASSIC movie!

  • Lipska L

    Apart from classic Blues Brothers – what an interesting handlebar on Mr. Dottie’s bike! Can we have a close-up please :)?

    • LGRAB

      Oh yeah, it’s a mustache bar wrapped in an old tire tube.

  • maureen

    What a nice summer adventure!

  • Kathy Forde

    Was the Wrigley Field Bike Valet service available that night? It’s so much fun to pull right up, check your bike, and stroll into Wrigley.

    • LGRAB

      Oh, cool, I never knew about that.

      • Kathy Forde

        It’s on Waveland this year, just east of Clark. Super convenient.

        • Kaye Miers

           So smug riding past those 30 buck parking spots…we LOVED it!

  • TrekRiderMark

    What bike does Mr. Dottie ride?  I love the lines on it!

    • LGRAB

      His bike is a Civia Bryant with a belt drive.

  • Kaye Miers

    So I am old and saw it at the theater when it came out! BUT made my first trip to Chicago and loved riding there and got to go to the Cubbies game July 1 and how cool was it to be able to ride our bikes and park for free??    My other half got a new Pilen from JC Lind and we can’t wait for it to arrive.  Will be looking forward to putting wheels down in Chicago again!

    • Dottie

      Awesome!  Enjoy the new Pilen – such a great bike. :)

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  • Philippe_ram

    Ok, I need to state that I love this movie, since day one (what happened to John Landis, BTW ? Did he suffer a stroke of something ? He did such shitty movies later in his career) and that you look really good in that dress.

    I also would love guest post from Mr Dottie about his belted bike (with a strangely angled saddle and a strange brakes combo).