Bikes and the City Print

I am a long-time follower of the always beautiful, original, creative, and intelligent Bikes and the City, but I only recently realized that the fabulous blog-runner, Meli, has original bicycle prints for sale.  I immediately chose this fabulous orange and yellow San Francisco bicycle print for my home.

The print now hangs framed on my living room wall.  Love!  The fact that it’s from Meli makes it extra special.

You can get your paws on a print of your own here.

  • my hyggelig

    Meli’s my gal.  Sa-weetness.

  • Inspiredcyclist

    Vibrant, bright, and BEAUTIFUL!  Looks terrific on your wall!

  • Simply Bike



  • Misssarahchan


    • LGRAB

      Ha. That’s what I was going to say! I have drooled over that bike from day 1.