Although not directly bike-related, I am compelled to share with you this beautiful short film.  Created by Julia Warr, the film features Maia Helles, a 95 year old Russian ballet dancer, as she shares her secret for a long and happy life: simplicity.  The running time is only four minutes – please do watch it now; I’ll wait.

Beautiful.  I want to remember Maia and try to make little changes in life to foster the kind of happiness she displays.  If I could be assured of having half of her health and serenity in my later years (maybe even toodling around on my bike still), I would not fear growing older as much.

{I found this film via the always thoughtful and lovely blog Silent Storyteller.}

  • welshcyclist

    Wonderful to see a 95 year old displaying such activity, vigour etc., but ……..

  • Paul R. Rendon

    what a delightful lady she has captured the beauty and the warmth of life!!!

  • Grmaiello

    Absolutely fantastic. The simplicity of her living is heart warming. A treasure in this overly complicated age.

  • Inspiredcyclist

    Maia is elegant, graceful  and beautiful.  Thanks so very much for sharing this.  Very inspiring!

  • Kabn

    I want to live in that video.

  • Betty Scandretti

    How perfectly lovely! Thank you for sharing.

  • Luckycyndy

    She’s such a beautiful soul who shows that if you do it right you will complete the  full circle and not have to come back! I’m inspired!!! God has certinally  blessed her! Thanx Maia and Julia

  • Turbinedog

    Captivating!  She has such a lovely little hybrid western cottage / Izba / Dacha house. Seems like the perfect life. 

  • Lafs4

    Thanks for sharing.  An inspiration, indeed.

  • Melanie Suzanne

    What a beautiful life. As I approach my fortieth birthday, I have struggled with the thought that my life is over. Things like this video show me that I have the choice of shriveling  or reveling in what lies ahead. I choose to revel and celebrate.

    • Paul

      Melanie, You will most likely live to the age of 85 or 95 so your only half ways, The first 40 was leaning on how to live the best part of your life thats coming up,enjoy it now!!! 

  • Les Connally

    Thanks for this.. Made my day. 

  • Karen

    Core strength and vegetarian food, a few beautiful possessions and no drama. Watching her do her dance moves, albeit prone now, I thoughts she is still the beautiful swan!!  This cult of fake* youth we’ve cultivated  (*injections, augmentations, operations) is hooey!  The history written on Maia’s skin in the form of lines, folds and freckles makes her all the more gorgeous! Life is not over at 30 as I once thought a long time ago.  I am 53 this year and still hop on my bike for a 10-15mile ride without even thinking about it.  I do yoga, drink sufficient purified water and eat a whole, organic food, mostly vegan diet. And despite the pressure, I staunchly refuse to work against the process as so many of my botoxing contemporaries have. It is YOU, the non-fake youth who will turn the tide of this fighting against nature insanity. Please age with grace, embrace the wrinkles, strengthen your core and eat primarily organic vegetables…honor Maia, be yourselves!

    • Paul

      I love your commentary you are so right I’am 71 years young and I too ride a bike about 15 miles a day, I walk with a song in my heart,I have a little part time job,I love arts and crafts,and craft shows,I use a spoonk mat that dr. oz.recommended on his show, I lay on it and meditate for about 45 minutes twice a day it gives me a feeling of well being,I have learn that I cannot change the things that are going on around me or around the world, But I can change me and my world, And I too chose simplicity, Work and enjoyment!! 

  • Perthbiker

    A lovely film, thank you for sharing.

  • Cupcake Ride

    Wow a beautiful video!  And look at how flexible and strong Maia is.  I hardly have half of her core strength and I’m only 1/3 of her age! Yikes!

    Thank you for sharing!!