Betty Foy Stationery!

I recently received a message from Pam, a proud Rivendell Betty Foy owner and reader of LGRAB.  She shared with me the custom Betty Foy stationery that she created and then sent me one in the mail.  So pretty!

Pam traced a photo of her Betty and took the drawing to a stationer, who made a plate and letterpressed the cards.  She carefully matched the frame color and, if you look closely, you can even see the water bottle and Po Campo bag on the handlebars.  Her full name is pressed into the top of the card in the same color.

The real life Pam and her Betty Foy.  :)


This custom stationery is such a great idea.  I appreciate the time, thought, and work that Pam put into creating these cards. Stationery is a soft spot of mine and seeing others who appreciate fine paper as much as fine bikes warms my heart.

Has anyone else created personalized bike art?

  • 1lemon2lemons

    Just a heads up – it’s “stationery”. Thought you’d want to know. :)

    • LGRAB

      That’s a silly way to spell it – I much prefer mine! :) Nevertheless, I will cave to societal pressures and change the spelling when I get home.

      • 1lemon2lemons

        Your way certainly makes for better punning: stationary bicycle! However, the sticklers for the Queen’s English amongst your fans will thank you for the change! You might find this interesting: And on that pedantic note – have a wonderful day! :)

  • Nicola Beech

    I love it! I have a serious thing for stationery, though I don’t use it, I just hoard it. 

    • LGRAB

      I do the same thing!! I am so glad I’m not alone. :) Lately I have been trying to work against this tendency, but it is difficult.


  • Kara

    Cutest idea ever! 

  • Jax+Puzzle

    Really neat – love the tracing and the color matching. Great idea, Pam!!

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  • anniebikes

    I made my own bike stamp. I use it on card stock. Blog post below. 

  • metacronym
    • LGRAB

      Love that design!! I have a bicycle stamp from Paper Source, too, of a loop frame bike with a basket. I use that stamp on everything. :) Paper Source is a favorite place of mine and I drop in a lot for little somethings. There is one walking distance to my office and one walking distance to my home, which equals lots of tempation! (Same situation with Anthropologie.)

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