Safety pants panda

I was planning to sit out the whole “red pants” trend now that they’ve become so ubiquitous (is it just Tennessee??). And then I saw these vintage high-waist (but petite length!) beauties in the thrift store for just $3. It takes a bold pant to make Kermit Allegra look muted, but I think these accomplish it.


Bonus: high visibility! If anyone squashes me in this outfit, they clearly weren’t paying attention. Alas, with summer approaching I won’t be wearing pants on the bike much longer. Considering making these into shorts, since they’re likely to be a one-season trendy item anyway.

Happy Friday to all!

  • Inspiredcyclist

    Bright, festive, and visible!

  • Lafs4

    Go for the colour…it is spring after all…looking good in the red.  Noticed the cute shoes too :)

  • Ridonrides

    adorable!  on the contrary, i think red pants are a classic.   maybe not the high waisted part, but you can just wear your shirt untucked.  also, loving the color scheme of this photo, down to the bright blue knog light!

  • Carolyn

    I love the Red!

  • Bike Your Life Green

    Who *wouldn’t* love this picture?  Red, green, blue Knog, gray street passing by, cute gold shoes…. it’s all just lovely! :)  Keep the red pants!

  • Dottie

    I love this photo!  What a great feel of happiness and movement.  Should be printed and framed. :)