Only bikes

It’s been a turbulent weather day here in Tennessee, and in much of the southeast/midwest. I actually got some indoor use out of my bike helmet while sheltering in my safe place for a good 30 minutes this afternoon, although Nashville was thankfully spared a hit from one of the 94 tornadoes spotted today. Instead of showing you my cracked bedroom window (from golfball sized hail — which, in the grand scheme of things, is nothing to complain about!), I’ll share this photo from my dad in Malibu, where there’s a protected lane for “only bikes.”

I hope that you have had a palm tree sort of day, wherever you are.

  • Amy

    Glad to hear that you are ok! Was thinking about you last night during all this. We didn’t get hit as hard – just one doozy of a thunderstorm with some really high winds. When I heard reports of golf ball sized hail I thought about grabbing my (horse riding) helmet too! :)

    • LGRAB

      Glad you guys made it through OK, Amy. I know some parts of East TN were hit pretty hard.

  • Bike Lane Living

    Stay safe!

  • Rpguitar

    Those on-pavement signs always amuse and confound me. It’s supposed to be read as you approach it, meaning from the bottom up. So that one says “Bikes only.”

    However, does anyone actually read that way? I sure don’t. So I always shake my head and wonder who the genius was who studied our behavior, and concluded that pavement signage should all be bottom-up. Ah well.

    • Zweiradler

      Good point. Makes me think of “Lane Fire” and “X-ing School”, two other “genius” signs. :)

  • Illiniwu

    yipes.  glad you are safe and sound and was under shelter. 

  • Inspiredcyclist

    That sounds like an innovative (and scary use for your bike helmet).  Glad you are okay!


    Scary!  Glad that everything (except your window and scared cats) worked out okay.

    That pavement writing is funny.  The only time I’ve seen backward writing work is when there’s a long message on a highway.  Then it’s like a suspenseful story or strange poem – what word’s going to be next??  :)