Nighttime novelty ride

It really says something about how mild this winter has been that tonight, when I had the chance to ride in the rain in the dark, I was actually sort of excited about it. After all, I haven’t had to walk home or catch a ride home because of the snow even once!

Made me think of all those poor people who live in Hawaii or California and never have to pull out sweaters and barely open umbrellas.

They’ve gotta get bored. Change is good!


p.s. hi everyone. It’s been a while! [Insert boring computer story and other lame excuses here.] Short version: I’m back. And there’s a lot going on in Nashville that I can’t wait to tell you about.

  • anniebikes

    Nice nighttime photos Trish. Happy pedaling.

  • Jan Al B

    Yep, Southern California weather has been crazy. 82 deg in January. We get the Santa Ana winds and it turns winter to summer. I wish I could upload pic of my Saturday ride along Coast Highway. It was beautiful. My husband was surfing and I was riding. The next day we went dirt bike riding. Perfect weekend.

    • LGRAB

      Wish you could upload a picture too — sounds lovely! I need to get out on the Natchez Parkway or something and do a scenic ride this spring.

  • Bike Your Life Green

    we’re glad you’re back! Pretty pictures- looks like it was a lovely ride. :)

  • Bike Lane Living

    I don’t complain about mild winters. I love riding in warm weather. And I hate to confess this, but when it rains (which isn’t often in SoCal) I don’t ride. I know, I’m such a wimp! Good thing it’s a rare occurrence.

  • Sam

    Um. I wear sweaters. Also am currently wearing sheepskin slippers as it is a frigid 50 degrees.


    • LGRAB

      LOL. 50 counts as frigid, huh?

  • anniebikes

    Nice nighttime photos Trish. Happy pedaling.