January’s Women-Who-Bike Brunch

The first Women-Who-Bike brunch of the new year marked an excellent start to 2012! The lure of beautiful weather and the highly-acclaimed new restaurant Nightwood drew 23 women, including several first-timers.

Because the restaurant was in Pilsen, about 8-10 miles from my house depending on the route, I met up with a group of six to bike together. Sunday morning is the best time to cycle and low traffic allowed us to ride side-by-side and chat most of the way.

After a delicious meal, we all spent a good amount of time outside, chatting and bike-gawking.

Martha took some photos for her fab blog, Bike Fancy.  Other highlights: Purple!

Carrie’s Fluevog boots and the skirt she made herself!

Everything about this outfit with the headscarf, orange coat, lace slip, brogues, and leather bag!   Comfortable windbreakers!

A pink DeFietsfabriek and glam sunglasses!

Letterman jackets, leopard scarfs, and chic black!

Red jackets!

The two of us biked home together along the Lakefront Trail, chatting the whole way, taking the 18th Street protected bike lane that I blogged about here.

Good times, Ladies!

Anyone in Chicago interested in joining the monthly brunch group? Email LGRAB@letsgorideabike.com.

Also – Chicago’s Critical Lass Ride is this Thursday.  Who knew January would be such a great time for bicycling?  Take advantage of the freakishly mild weather!

  • allison

    Oh it was so fun to meet all of you! This is Allison (headscarf) and I’ve read this blog since I moved her in the Fall of 2010, but I’ve never commented. Your winter posts were a major help in getting through my first bike winter last year. Thanks and see you in February I hope!

    p.s. That picture is bittersweet; that bike was stolen last night. : (

    • http://profiles.google.com/alottes Ash L

      Allison, that’s horrible!! Please report it to the Chicago Stolen Bike Registry if you haven’t already. http://chicago.stolenbike.org/ and check out Swap-o-Rama on Ashland in the Back of the Yards neighborhood on Saturday morning. Stolen bikes and the scum that stole them always seem to end up there.

  • Ian

    Yes freaky weather indeed. We’re also having it incredibly warm in the UK as well. Don’t think we’ve had a night below feezing all winter so far and been up to 10c to 13c (sorry don’t know what that is in farenheight) most days. Strange how we’re 4,000+ miles away and seem to get the same winter trend as you guys in Chicago. (We froze like you did last year as well). Long may it continue. Great biking weather indeed !!

  • http://www.facebook.com/aprilwriter April Galarza

    Carie, I LOVE the boots!!!! Sorry I couldn’t make it this month. See you all in February!

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  • Denise

    Hi Dottie, im Denise from london. Just spent forever catching up with all your posts lol im a big follower and lover of LGRAB. Alas im a newbie when it comes to bikes, im learning to ride and will be purchasing my dawes mayfair bike on monday. I would love to attend a bike brunch but I doubt they do this in london. Thank you so much for your posts they really encourage me lol x