The stylish Ms. Coco

When I was in Chicago, I got to ride Coco. Somehow, Dot and I overlap on the bike size spectrum—just enough so that I can ride most of her bikes as long as the seatpost is alllll the way down and I’m willing to dismount at all stops. Anyway, the lovely Coco and I got along just great while I was there.

Not sure what is up with my hair here. Or why I’m trying to kill myself by balancing on the bike, but sometimes I get a little giddy when I’m having my picture taken.

Every time I ride in Chicago I discover all over again how different it is to ride somewhere that’s FLAT. So flat. Like, the “hills” in Chicago feel like speedbumps flat. It’s a totally different thing. No coasting, but no real exertion either, unless you want to be a speed demon.

(Which, in case you just stumbled on this blog today, we don’t.)

Instead of hills, Chicago has potholes. Thank goodness for sprung saddles, Coco’s big balloon tires and posting skills, is all I’m saying about that.

But the best thing about riding bikes in Chicago is sharing the street with this lady.

I’ll be back in November for my first (Chicago) winter cycling effort in a couple of years. I have some winter boots and plenty of wool tights. Keeping an eye on the weather report to see if I need them—we’ll see how it goes (and so will you, I’m sure!).

  • Illiniwu

    sigh. i wish i had friends who ride bikes! i’m missing out! love the shot of you just balancing on the pedals. is that an action shot or are you doing a trackstand? either way, bad-ass!!


    Awwww, you guys look so cute together! And like you are having a lot of fun!

  • Kara

    I can tell that you and Coco were fast friends. So cute together! I sometimes wish I had a flat city to ride around in.

  • Misssarahchan

    Glad you and Coco had a good time together! Chicago IS flat. Edmonton is relatively flat… except when you cross the river. And our potholes are pretty special too. Aww… winter cities!

    • LGRAB

      Ha. Yes, those winters are really hard on roads! Not like Nashville’s are always glass-smooth, but I don’t have to be on the lookout for something that could swallow my front wheel. :)


  • anniebikes

    I like the last photo of two very good friends,all dressed up (love the tights), with a beautiful day to be on a bike. Coco suits you Trisha.

  • Jessica


    How do you guys get together so often? Do you drive from Nashville to Chicago? Take the train?

    • LGRAB

      We fly, generally, at least once a year each for each other’s birthdays.

  • Dottie

    Ms. Coco misses you and is thrilled that you’ll be back this week!