Lazy Weekend

This is all that’s going on chez Dottie the last couple of weekends.

Plus books and old TV shows on Netflix.  At least I biked a little bit – to get the cupcakes.

And yes, I am a cat person, why do you ask?

  • Amy

    Lazy kittehs… makes me sleepy looking at the lazy kittehs! Nuthin’ wrong with being a cat person. I’m right there with you! (with our 11…) Need a 4th or 5th? ;)

  • Carolyn I.

    I love your cat photos. Lazy weekends are good! I sort of had one this weekend too, sort of.

  • Misssarahchan

    I am WITH YOU on the maxin’ and relaxin’. Even though we’ve had a few events to attend and I’m working on Saturdays, I’ve been trying to keep this back-to-work time very low key. My brain and body need time to normalize to my work routine again.

    Ip Man and Ip Man 2 are on Netflix. They are excellent kung-fu movies featuring the fighting style of Wing Chun (the one my dad knows) if you’re looking for any recommendations:) You must also be excited that Downtown Abbey is back?