Join the Cupcake Ride!

Mark your calendar! Together with Sara of This Little Bike of Mine, I will be leading a cupcake ride this Saturday, June 25, at 1:00 p.m.

The ride will be a leisurely 6-7 miles, starting at the Polish Triangle and ending at Oz Park.

We plan on visiting 3 bakeries – Alliance, Bleeding Heart, and Sweet Mandy B’s. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to eat 3 cupcakes (although Sara and I are up for the challenge!). You can always share with a friend. We’ll be stopping in a couple of parks to enjoy our treats so feel free to bring a blanket if you prefer.

The dress code is “cupcakesque.” Ruffles and pastels encouraged. :) Per usual, any ladies-who-bike are welcome! We hope to see you Saturday!

*In the chance of rain we will announce an alternate date.

{p.s. Inspired by the lovelies at Bike Skirt.}

  • Miss Sarah

    Love your new dress! Well, it might not be new, but it’s darling:)


    • Dottie

      Thanks! The picture is actually one from last year, but the dress was new then and I haven’t really worn it since. Time to shop my own closet. :)

  • Emma

    It has been decided… I am moving to Chicago!

    • Dottie

      Come on over! ;)

  • Maureen

    What a sweet way to spend the day! Sounds YUMMY! Will be there in spirit!

  • Cara

    Oooh, I really hope I can make this event, especially since I had to miss the last ladies who bike brunch (which would have been my first one). My new Betty Foy (totally inspired by your blog) is itching to make some new friends!

  • JTuttle

    Hey Dottie,
    Is the cupcake ride open to guys? Dan is totally coming along if that is the case.

  • Courtney

    can’t wait to see everyone at bleeding heart! i will be working there, but i’m glad i get to participate in some way!

  • Serge

    The rest of pictures is here (not all of them are ready yet, but most).

    • Serge

      . . . oops! There should have been one of the pictures, that’s why “the rest.” Oh, well, just follow the link, if you like :)

    • Serge

      All pictures are ready!