June’s Women-who-bike Picnic Brunch!

Sun, women, bikes, brunch, sangria, fresh mown grass = a perfect Sunday morning.  This month’s women-who-bike brunch was a picnic on the lakefront, with everyone bringing a dish to share – and boy were there some delicious baked goods!  Although Chicago has scores of great brunch restaurants, the picnic was so much better than being cooped up indoors.  After about 8 months of cold, Chicagoans know how to enjoy the summer!

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves now.

Thank you, awesome women, for choosing to spend your Sunday morning with the group!
As always, women in the Chicago area who would like to join the brunch (or one of the happy hours – next one on Monday, June 13) should email me at LGRAB@letsgorideabike.com.
Hope to see you there!  :)
  • http://www.simplybike.wordpress.com Simply Bike

    It doesn’t get any better than this! I love this and wish I could teleport myself into that picnic :)


  • http://www.me-go.net/ Megan

    What a great day. Picnics are the way to go!

  • http://www.naturallycyclingmanchester.wordpress.com LC

    beautiful images, beautiful day!

  • http://evarything.com eva

    Looks like you all had so much fun! Great pictures as always Dottie :-)

  • http://www.inspiredcyclist.wordpress.com Maureen

    Gosh, you all look like you are having a great time! Wish I lived closer! TFS!

  • http://www.crimsoncatstudios.com susie inverso

    That’s right by my house! Beautiful! In fact, that day I was out bikamping. I got some inspiration from your blog, but instead of west (I’ve been there many times) I went north.

    Here’s a link:



  • L

    ‘AGAPE’ (= ‘love-feast; sharing of sisterly/brotherly love!) … each time I read of your ‘brunch’ get-together , I’m filled with joy for I’ve mine for the last five years (maybe a little bit longer) and I relish every one of them. Mine however, is ‘slightly different’ in the organization (Don’t worry I won’t touch on it and bore your friends, acquiaintances and readers … except to say that laughter, ‘uncomplicated frriendship’ , bicycles, and food are the main ‘ingredients’ of such joyful assembly of motley people.)