Bill Cunningham New York by Bike

On Wednesday I met up with friend Sara by bike for al fresco dining – sushi and champagne (love BYOB restaurants!). After dinner, we loaded up on cheap candy at the drug store and then went to the Music Box Theater to watch Bill Cunningham New York.

Bill Cunningham is a film photographer for the NY Times who rides his bike everywhere, documenting street style. He is an eccentric, in most ways true to himself and down-to-earth. Not at all a fashion industry type of person. The portrait of him was fascinating, funny and touching. When the film ended, I felt like clapping – and everyone in the audience did, so I did, too! It was that kind of movie. Highly recommended.

Has anyone else seen this or other good bike-related films lately?

  • Ash

    That sushi looks great. Where’d you two go?

  • Maureen

    I didn’t know much about the movie. Now I know I would like to see it. Thanks!

  • stephen

    Saw this flick a few weeks ago. Brilliant. Unfortunately, I didn’t ride to the theater with a friend after drinking champagne and eating really nice sushi. Ya’ll really know how to live up there..

  • Holly

    I LOVED this movie. I’ve seen it twice (and wouldn’t mind seeing it again!)

    One thing that struck me from a bicyclist’s perspective is how relevant it is that he’s tooling around on his bike shooting his street style photos. I think most of us who ride bikes would agree that cycling definitely affects how we take in the world around us. Simply put–you see more and notice more when you’re traveling by bike. Bill rides around and sees ALL of it. He’s got his finger on the pulse of NYC style.

    And–he’s what? 80 something years old. AWESOME!

    I was so glad I chose to ride my bike to the theater for this movie even though it threatened to rain. It didn’t and, like always, it felt great to ride home and think on these things.

  • Trisha

    I can’t wait to see this! Looks like a lovely evening.

  • Trisha

    P.S. Erin and I saw CAVE OF FORGOTTEN DREAMS over the weekend. Recommend!

  • calitexican

    ha, everyone in the theater i was in clapped when the movie was over too. so cute! it brought a tear to my eye a couple of times. quite a nice portrait of an amazing new yorker. :)

  • Sara

    The movie was so amazing I didn’t want it to end :) He is just a delight to watch.

  • James

    Saw it at Film Forum when I was in NYC for a visit a couple of months ago. I always thought cycling and photography were two great things that go great together and the movie re-affirmed that. Bill Cunningham has lived an inspirational life.

  • Julie

    I see him on my commute quite often. He pays me no mind! Guess I’m not fashion-y enough. And I’m always wearing a helmet.

    I think he’s precious! He’s tiny! I also think I’ve figured out where they moved him and I can pretty safely say he’s on bike #29, because the last time I saw him he was on a blue one. (It’s red through most of the film.)

  • Jason Repko

    Bill Cunningham New York is in Tucson starting June 17th! I’ve been eying this film out for weeks! I’m glad to hear you dug it. Can’t wait!

  • Man

    Bill Cunningham is my one of my heroes! I only knew of his street photography early on and then I found out he rode a bike around NYC to get those pics…perfectly amazing.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Jason Crane |

    Hi Dottie,

    Love the site.

    I saw that movie in NYC and was so inspired by it. It’s such a testament to the power of following an idea despite what the world around you might think or expect.

    All the best,