Critical Lass a Lovely Success!

Chicago’s first Critical Lass ride was a great success!  The weather was perfect, the route calm, and 25 cool women showed up.

We met at the Polish Triangle in Wicker Park.  Once the group gathered, our fearless leader Ash welcomed everyone.

I said “hi” to some old friends from the Women Who Bike brunch group.

A random guitar guy serenaded us with an impromptu song about bikes.

And then we were off!

We stopped at all red lights …

And stop signs.

We biked along quiet side streets, passing lots of big green parks and enjoying the smell of fresh mown grass.

After a fun and leisurely five mile ride, we ended at Simone’s in Pilsen.  We managed the parking situation by piling all in together and locking to each other.

Finally, we hung out for a couple of hours, enjoying dinner and kick-ass cocktails.  :)  My 9-mile ride home from Pilsen at 10 pm was also lots of fun, since I had several riding companions for most of the way.

The ride and gathering were so much fun. I plan to attend the ride EVERY THIRD THURSDAY! I hope to see you there. Spread the word!

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  • Bibliogrrl

    Great pictures! Nice to see I’m not the only person in Chicago with a Bellville WSD. :D

  • Ash

    Yay! Your photos are divine. Is it a-okay if I upload some of these to our facebook page?

    • Dottie

      Of course! I looked to see if I could do that myself, but did not see a way.

  • Eco Mama

    How fun! Love the bike serenade.
    Eco Mama

  • Cameron

    What a keen eye for reportage! Love the shallow depth of field missing from so much digital photography.

  • Miss Sarah

    Well done – I’m glad you guys had fun fun fun! I am there in spirit:)


  • Simply Bike

    Looks awesome! What a great event!

  • Sara

    Love the pictures, Dottie! My shoes appear to be slipping off in every photo ;)

  • Megan

    Glad I wore bike shorts under my dresses! Beautiful pictures, as always, Dottie.

  • Julia

    Oh my goodness! That looks like so much fun! Lol!

  • Maureen

    It looks like you had a nice turnout, and a very good time. CONGRATS! Who arranged for a troubadour? Did you get any interesting comments from pedestrians?

  • Karen

    Looks like a wonderful event.

  • Martha

    Ash is such a powerhouse! So glad she created this ride. I’m so sad I had to miss this. I’m out of town for the next one too, but hopefully I can make the July ride.

  • Lisa

    Hi , I love your blog and follow you on twitter too :-) I’ve just bought a 2nd hand German Krasse bike which I’m trying to refurbish , I think it’s from the 70′s , but not sure, anyway it looks a little like the brown Raleigh in the photos above and was wondering if you know the make of that Raleigh ? Keep biking dudes :-)

    • Ash

      Hey Lisa, It’s a 45cm Raleigh Sports. The Nottingham made ones are called Sport but when Raleigh USA took over they renamed them Sports. I think it’s Canadian made from the early 1980s.

      • Lisa

        Thanks Ash,what a beautiful bike :-)

  • Jessica C. The Happy and Healthy Blog

    Love it! Instantly less intimidating than Critical Mass. So fun!

  • Deborah Merriam

    What gorgeous photos, Dottie! Looks like a fantastic ride (I’d have commented sooner but I was away.). I’m so VERY happy to see the Critical Lass idea spread to another city, and it’s so neat to see clever ideas like set dates, a set starting point, and spoke cards to advertise it. We’re doing spoke cards this time too, but only because our friend who makes the buttons is otherwise occupied, and we’re nowhere near organized enough in Edmonton to have our dates set well in advance. =D

    Bravo Ash!

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