Little Miss Messy

Reason #153 that Kermit Allegra and I get along so well: Neither of us can keep from spilling coffee on ourselves.

I really need to start bringing my reusable thermos along on commutes with me, especially when I have a 7 a.m. meeting. Even leaving the cup only 3/4 full, the amount of liquid that can escape from one of those tiny holes in the plastic lid over the course of a one-mile ride is astounding.

  • Steve A

    Drinking and riding requires better coordination than I have!

  • Amy

    I just the other day finally wiped weeks worth of spilt tea off of the Pashley. There just seems to be no keeping the beverages in the containers!

  • Maureen

    Oh no, you two surely need a spill proof cup. How are managing now with the coaster brakes?

  • Lovely Bicycle!

    I can NOT drink coffee while cycling. Definitely not!

  • Emma

    I’d hate to see the state of me if I ever drank coffee on my bike. I can’t stay tidy drinking water!

  • cycler

    I haven’t tried actually drinking while riding, and though a combination of the Peets near me closing, and getting pretty good with the office espresso maker, I don’t carry takeout coffee much anymore.
    However, a trick that works pretty well is to get two of the plastic lids, and offset them 45 degrees, so that anything that gets through the bottom lid hole doesn’t launch itself into space (or onto your dress/ bike).

    That said, Gilbert would definitely trade a couple of coffee drips for the nasty sludge of grit and organic material that’s built up in the last week of puddles! I washed him off last night, but he was filthy again by the time I got to work this morning.

  • ridon

    always wonder how people hold a drink in one hand and ride the whole way. i prefer to enjoy my drink sitting down. maybe a cold drink would work better? the straw could act as a stopper of sorts.