Cherry Blossoms, Finally!

Cherry blossoms are finally starting to bloom, a month later than last year.

That is all. :)

  • Kate

    Beautiful, and not before time! Gorgeous photos.

  • Maureen

    Stunning photos! I’m so glad the beautiful pink blossoms have finally arrived. Looks like you charmed that squirrel into posing for your camera!

  • Sue

    Beautiful photos. Looks like the squirrel is enjoying the blossoms too.

  • Emma

    It’s finally here and so pretty! Out on my bike ride this evening I could smell nothing but wild garlic – the hedgerows were covered!

  • Miss Sarah


    We’ve still got the brown branches, but I am now hopeful that we will get some blooms too. Enjoy!


  • Carolyn I.

    Oh, absolutely stunning! I miss blossoms. I’m sure that they are on their way here sometime soon. Although it’s been nice and warm and I am seeing more and more green every day.

    I love hearing the sunrise birdsongs as I ride to work.

    • Lovely Bicycle!

      Same here! Of course now it keeps raining – hard – and the poor things hardly have a chance to show off their beauty. I hope to have at least a few sunny days with them soon!

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