Spring? Not here.

I am stubbornly dressing in happy spring clothes, but had to layer on a coat, earmuffs, winter boots and mittens for today’s 35 degree weather.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed my bicycle rides. My commute was low key and I was happy not to be stuck on the L train again.

My only complaint is that the trees don’t have green leaves yet, let alone cherry blossoms. Le sigh. When the flowers finally start blooming, my cameras and I will be ready!

  • http://girlsandbicycles.blogspot.com Miss Sarah

    I just planted some seeds in baby jars and am hoping they will bring me herbs – which will make me think of warm weather!

    We have sunshine, but it’s still crisp and everything here is likewise brown.



    • http://carolynsflightoffancy.blogspot.com/ Carolyn I.

      Ditto for Prince George. Supposed to warm up though this weekend to 15 C (59f).

  • http://www.rideofsilence.org/chicago E A

    Was just in St Louis earlier this month… cherry blossoms in full bloom there. Awesomeness… it’s coming… stay patient.

  • http://lovelybike.blogspot.com Lovely Bicycle!

    Same story here.
    NOT funny anymore!

    • Vee

      Yeah. I just bought a new coat in a springy color.

      • http://bicyclingsd.blogspot.com beany

        I suddenly realized the tremendous benefits of wearing skirts and leggings. For one my legs are more maneuverable. If I wear dark leggings, I don’t have to shave my legs which I kinda hate doing for the most part and I don’t get got since I have a permanent air conditioning at all times. This is just win win win! I’m going thrifting this weekend.

        Sending you some warmer weather to warm you!

  • Zweiradler

    Unbelievable. It’s already summer in Northern Germany (sunny and a high of 77 °F).


  • http://bobbinandsprocket.blogspot.com/ Amy

    I think that we skipped skipped spring and went straight into summer here. Highs in the 80′s lately and humid. Hope you get your spring soon!

  • http://roadtothefarm.blogspot.com Anna

    Yes, it seems that spring is late in lots of places. Once it arrives, though I’m sure we will all be outside, pedaling in the warm sunshine!

  • http://bikesinmotion.blogspot.com Sue

    Today was the first day i woke up with temperatures in the some what warm 40′s here in southern, nh. It’s been cold, cloudy, and raining all week up to today. We have some daffodils growing at the side of the house, but their heads have been droopy all week; very sad state of affairs. And the tulips, never came up – still not sure if I will see them this year.

  • neighbourtease

    It’s depressing the hell out of me, honestly. I see flowers but I am freezing. Yesterday the forecast was for 70. It was 46 degrees until 5 pm and then 70 for one hour, then dropped back into the 50s with high winds. FML.

  • http://endlessvelolove.blogspot.com/ G.E.

    The weather is odd, I must admit. Though we routinely (in CO) go straight from winter to summer it seems, it’s actually raining here today – and the last couple of days (which never happens). We also have snow in the forecast for Saturday. Even with the rain, there isn’t much green to see. I remain hopeful that sunshine is on its way though – along with some blooming flowers and green trees.

  • http://www.inspiredcyclist.wordpress.com Maureen

    Daffodils and dogwoods are beginning to bloom here in NY. And I noticed that while the flowers aren’t blooming along your path, you are bringing them along with your cheery outfit!

  • http://bicyclingsd.blogspot.com beany

    Ok I sound highly retarded in the above comment, but the general message has hopefully gotten through. I have a splitting headache and haven’t had coffee yet.

  • http://www.anniebikes.blogspot.com Annie

    I took off for my bike commute to work in snow storm, but it has since subsided to just a blustery wind. Even here in Vermont, it’s a bit chilly.

  • http://www.simplybike.wordpress.com Simply Bike

    I know, this setback in the weather has been rather dissapointing. But your helmet is still just so cute and cheery, kind of makes things better :)

  • http://LGRAB GravelDoc

    Here in southwest Missouri in the last week we’ve had a low of 39 when I biked in to work yesterday morning but it was beautiful in the afternoon evening in the 60′s and sunny with a little breeze. The day before the temp was up to about 81 with wind gusts up to 40 m.p.h. As I type this we’re having thunderstorms and heavy rain. This past week we’ve had tornado watches. Our weather is anything but boring. I hope you get Spring real soon, Dottie, and, hopefully, a more gentle type of Spring. At least we haven’t had any more snow (fingers crossed).

  • http://www.sheridesabike.com Karen

    The weather is finally warming up, though I will be wearing gloves in the morning and after dark on my rides throughout spring and summer. At the moment, I am growing weary of the high winds. Not a breeze but high winds that nearly knock me off my bike. I’m sure you know the feeling.

  • http://bikinginheels-cycler.blogspot.com/ cycler

    Like you, today I wore a floral confection of a dress.
    Like you too unfortunately, I layered it with heavy tights, a sweater, a jacket and gloves. le sigh.
    Supposed to be warmer next week- in Boston anyway.

  • http://www.anniebikes.blogspot.com Annie Follett

    Spring is coming. We had a lovely ride on Cape Cod trails last weekend. The magnolias and forsythia were blooming.

  • http://carolynsflightoffancy.blogspot.com/ Carolyn I.

    The Weather forecast was correct. It’s been awesome here this long weekend! Quite warm at 16 C (60 f). It’s the warmest it’s been all year so far.

    I seen buds on the trees in Quesnel, 100 kms South of here, so there is hope now. :) Too nice to stay inside, perfect for spending time on the bike.

  • http://plumandradish.blogspot.com/ joanne tarzian

    I know what you mean! It feels like spring is so late in arriving this year- I will believe it when the trees pop! For now, it’s layers to stay warm and when my dogs want to walk for more than 10 minutes I will know spring has arrived!

  • http://thewoollentypist.blogspot.com/ Angi

    Boo. :(
    I hope you get some nice(warmer) weather soon and the trees grow leaves and flowers bloom.

    We’re having the most amazing weather here in the UK…I’m sorry…couldn’t resist!

  • http://pedalinglondon.wordpress.com Kristin

    Also in the UK — and we do have the most incredible weather! I think it’s a trade — in order for it to be unseasonably warm somewhere it has to be unseasonably cold somewhere else.

    Hope that Chicago warms up soon! (but that it stays warm here too . . . )