Me and my shadow

Work, life and a few side projects have kept me from the blog so far this month—but they haven’t kept me off my bike. I am loving these late spring evening commutes. Even if this picture was taken a week ago and it’s now far too warm to wear a jacket of any sort, much less corduroy!

This morning I’m riding into the Village to get a new pair of glasses. (After 6+ years, it’s about time.) Anyone taking advantage of the pretty weather to bike this weekend?

  • Doug

    Nice to hear from you Trisha. Glad you’re enjoying the spring weather. Check out my post from today to see OUR Spring weather along Lake Superior. It’s a bit different than what you’re having. Enjoy your weekend!

    • Trisha

      I saw that Doug! Quite a snowfall for mid-April. Hope things warm up for you soon.

  • Michael

    When the shadows are long, my favorite times of the day.

  • Steve A

    This is the season when some days are like summer, and a few are still like winter….

    • Trisha

      Same here, really. I blogged too soon — we had a day in the low 50s today! Ah well, back to 70s tomorrow.

  • Thom

    Trish – How do you like the new glasses?
    Are they wine, champagne, martini, water or eye variety – ha!

    • Trisha

      Well, I am obsessed with glassWARE as well… but these are new glasses of the optical variety. :)

  • Karen

    I’m taking advantage of the good weather to finally complete a bike rack review for Commute by Bike. It’s so spring-like but I know we could still get another foot of snow before the end of May! Hard to believe last Saturday I was shoveling that much snow from my driveway and back patio.

  • TomG

    It’s a typical mid-plains spring…warm one day, cold the next. Hasn’t kept me from enjoying the absence of snow and the bike mileage is reflecting that. :)

  • Dottie

    Hello, Trisha’s shadow!

    The weather on Friday and Saturday was thunderstorms and today’s weather is in the 30′s/40′s. Hopefully all these showers will bring some flowers once the temperature rises.

  • Emma

    The weather in the UK has been wonderful this week, I actually wore shorts on my bikeride the other evening. There is a downside to this fab weather; the slightest whiff of sunshine = bare midriffs and beer bellies :(

  • Sue

    Glad to hear that you’re biking even though you’re not blogging as much, but that’s ok… I can certainly relate to life and other priorities getting in the way :).

  • Thom

    Trish – Are you OK? Were there any tornados in
    N-ville? Could make for some very exciting biking!
    Take care of yourself – watch those mirrors.