Valentines Via Velo

Someone asked me last week if I had any bikey Valentine’s Day plans with Mr. Dottie. I answered, “No, we’re just going to dinner at our favorite French restaurant, Bistrot Margot.”

Then I thought for a second and amended that answer with, “Well, of course, we’ll be riding our bikes there.”

Bicycling is such an ingrained part of our lives – it’s always there somewhere. But unlike driving or taking public transit, biking is not simply another mundane transportation option. It’s fun and adds something special to every occasion!

For this reason, I would say that our little French dinner was a bikey Valentine’s Day, with bicycling being the perfect aperitif (to stimulate the appetite) and digestif (to aid in digestion).

Of course, fancy truffles and flowers are always welcome, too. :)

But above all – bike love!

P.S. February 14 is long gone and so are all those truffles!

  • Evie

    Aww, look at the two of you, showing your Valentine’s spirit with your pink and red shirts! And are those truffles from Vosges?

    • Dottie

      Vosges truffles – oui!

      • Miss sarah

        Awesome! Don and I didn’t have plans but drank a delicious bottle of cab sauv after work, with big plates of beef stroganoff pasta. No flowers for me. However, I received a card saying, “I want to have text with you.”


        • nicolas

          If I were allowed a negative comment, I’d be about the “dad jeans” on Mr Dottie, but the rest of his style is pretty impeccable.
          Our VDay outing was less exciting, a ride to and from Swedish class, just like every other Monday.

          • Dottie

            Ha, dad jeans. I’ve only heard the term mom jeans before. He’s not really into fashion – he puts his one pair of brown shoes with his one pair of jeans without holes with one of his thrifted shirts with one of his wool jackets. Every day. :) But I agree that he has a lovely innate style.

        • Dottie

          LOL, sounds perfect! :)

        • Karen Voyer-Caravona

          Here, here! I am all for adding a little bit of romance to everyday life and riding my bicycle does just that. I can’t think of anything more romantic than pedaling to Valentine’s Day dinner at a French restaurant.

  • Lovely Bicycle!

    That candy would not have lasted more than a couple of days with me : )

    Especially now that our car is out of commission, cycling is such a normal thing that I never think of it as an activity unless I am on a roadbike and am going on a recreational ride – which, sigh, hasn’t happened since Christmas.

  • Steve A

    Seeing Mr Dottie is ALWAYS a treat!

  • Maureen

    Awwww…sweet! Were your pants leggings with boots?

    • Dottie

      Yup, jeggings with knee high boots.

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  • ridon

    good of him to indulge you and be photographed for a blog post.

  • April

    My boyfriend (who comments here as adventure!) and I met through goofy bike stuff going on in Portland. Our first date, we met at a food cart, then rode our bicycles to a pub, and then…we rode our bicycles to his house. ;^)

    Today’s our second anniversary (of dating). He works tonight, so no date, but in a couple of days we’re going out to eat at a nice Italian place. And, of course, we’re going by bike!

  • Daniel Evans

    Thanks for the great inspiration for our next Valentine’s day!

  • JTuttle

    That sounds like a great Valentine’s day! Funny, Dan and I went to Bistrot Margot by bicycle just last week! That’s a great restaurant, isn’t it?