Adele Rides a Bike

While checking Adele’s site looking for the presale date for her June show at the Ryman (Wednesday!), I came across this picture of her on a new bike. Her post was enthusiastic about the purchase, saying she loves the “bring bring” bell—rumor has it she plans to buy a house in Amsterdam, so it’s a good thing she’s prepping for the cycling lifestyle. The bike looks vaguely Oma-esque—anyone know what it is?

p.s. if you haven’t heard the first single from Adele’s new album yet, here it is. Is it too selfish to hope men keep doing her wrong when the results are awesome breakup songs like this one?

  • elisa m

    That song is so addictive and wonderful. I can hardly wait for the album to release. I may have to make a roadtrip for the concert!

    • Trisha

      Come on up! I’m buying tix on Wednesday.

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  • Cecily

    It looks like a Pashley to me.

    • Dottie

      Oh yeah, I think you’re right. The big bell and head badge do look like a Pash.

  • Kara

    I saw her in concert when she came to SLC a couple of years ago. A.MA.ZING! Cannot wait for the new album.

    I love the look of joy on her face on that cute new bike.

  • Vee

    sweet picture! have you seen this. I was actually listening as I read your post!

  • philippe

    Unicrown fork (not a pashley), no cables on the bar (torpedo brake, single speed), no dyno-hub, no ornament on the front fender (not a Gazelle or a Batavus), a classic dutch style bar, cheap plastic pedals… Looks like a generic Oma fiets to me ? Too many brands to list.

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  • Maureen

    I LOVE the look on her face! Pure Joy! That’s what riding is for me as well!
    Another voice saying not a Pashley…the bell would be on the wrong side (I realize it could easily be moved) but just doesn’t seem right.

  • sara

    Saw this photo too & it made me love Adele even more! Look how much joy her face radiates here. So great.

  • Marco

    she got an `oma fiets` grandma´s bike from paul de leeuw (netherlands) in his show for x-mas. with the extra bell here you can see the footage when she got it. (3m50s) Red ribbon included.

  • Eimear McGovern

    I love it! Inspired me to find my Viking Prelude

  • Rino The Bouncer

    She’s awesome!

  • Kristina Rodriguez-Fowle

    i need to become a fan of hers now :)

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