Walking in a winter wonderland

Yesterday a few inches of snow fell in Chicago. My friend Elizabeth and I headed out to enjoy the winter wonderland and take some pictures (I used my new 50-year-old camera). Although we’re both year-round cyclists, we didn’t feel comfortable riding with the falling snow, so we hopped a bus to Lincoln Park and then walked around for an hour. A cozy underground pub and some Guinness warmed us up when we’d had enough.

Afterward, we went separate ways and I headed downtown to drop off my film for developing. I could have taken the bus, but the snowy night was so pretty, I chose to walk an hour to my destination. Then I took the L train home, but got off early to walk the final mile. Walking is such a great activity and I’m lucky to have so many transportation options in Chicago.

Now I gotta get those studded tires back on Oma!

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17 thoughts on “Walking in a winter wonderland

  1. wow! how beautiful. I can’t imagine what it would be like to live where it snows so much.

    Secret Service Gal says “hi” to Oma.

    duckie xx

  2. Red berries in the snow, my favourite : )

    How does the Oma feel with vs without the studded tires in the winter?

    • Dottie says:

      The pavement on the main streets today was dry, so no different without my studs, but a little more stressful on the side streets, paranoid as I am about ice. I can’t ride on ice without my studded tires – I’ve tried and I’ve fallen a couple of years ago. :) The studs don’t slow me down or create noticeable rolling resistance; the only downside is the loud crackling noise they make on the pavement.

  3. meligrosa says:

    that is so beautiful!! thanks for sharing these winter fotos with us, the spoiled=weather bunch in the west coast, we don’t really get the 4seasons out here
    sends us the much snowy love. hugs always from SF <3 xxomeli

  4. Nicolas says:

    too bad! riding in frsh snow is THE BEST.

  5. Lynnety says:

    You certainly are lucky to have so many transportation options!

  6. annladson says:

    What amazing photos. Saw your “new” camera on your photography blog. It’s gorgeous, and the pictures are really nice.

  7. Michael says:

    As a Southern California native, who has never experienced that on a regular basis, that just looks so awesome.

  8. SM says:

    I can’t believe how much snow you have already. We are due to get some snow this week. Winter in Chicago looks beautiful through the eyes of your lens.

  9. Clare says:

    Wasn’t it SO pretty here in Chi-town this weekend? I just loved getting out to the lake, watching the snow, and basking in the cold sunshine today. I love these snowy city pictures!

  10. LC says:

    wow! When the snow arrives in Chicago is ‘serious’ snow :) Manchester’s snow has thawed but then last night temperatures dropped to -11 (celsius) and iced over… I don’t want to be a hero just to prove I can cycle in winter, icy roads are too scary for me… so I think I’ll catch the bus!

    Do you feel precious about the Rollei? Because mine is my dad’s I sometimes am so worried about dropping or something bad happening to it, I end up not using it very much (plus expensive to develop film as I mentioned on your other blog)… still your photos really make me want to take it out of its case :D


  11. Gin says:

    I was pulling Miguel’s trailer in the snow this weekend–not bad, except on the side streets. For now, we will be on the main thoroughfares.

    I totally agree with you about having so many transportation choices. People often think not having a car means you are limited. Actually, I feel I have so many choices. Also, being used to winter biking makes it easier for me to just enjoy being outside in the winter.

    Congrats on the camera. Lovely photos!

  12. E A says:

    I enjoyed all of the Chicago weather this weekend — off the bike. Being on foot made it so much easier to just stop whenever and snap a photo or two. Great photos!

  13. Stephanie says:

    great shots! the snow in chicago this weekend was so pretty! i love going for snow walks as well. i find myself getting off two or three stops before my intended stop on the L just so i can enjoy the cold and the snow. some of my friends think i’m crazy, but i love it!

  14. Maureen says:

    Your photos truly capture the magic and beauty of the new fallen snow, thanks for sharing them!

  15. Daniel Evans says:

    I know many don’t look at it this way but you are so LUCKY to live where it snows. I wish we got more here in Salem, OR where we live. It just makes everything so beautiful. For now I will just have to enjoy our rain I guess. Enjoy your winter wonderland! btw, I always enjoy your pictures. They are lovely.

  16. Carolyn I. says:

    Wow, you have lots of snow now, such lovely photos! Who would want to stay inside on such a lovely day?

    I just went out for a ride, I bought a toaster oven and some DVDs. I strapped the toaster oven on the basket/rack and walked most of the way home with the bike. It is a very sunny day here, so it is nice to be out and walking.

    I don’t have studded tires but am finding no problems using bike. When we had the stormy day, that was too hard to bike, let alone walk or do anything else. But today is perfect!

    I got bus tickets for those days I feel like taking the bus. Welcome Winter! Days like these I just love it…

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