After a demanding day at work and the stress of two serious posts, I decided to take the Lakefront Trail home to avoid cars and meditate on the horizon. Before I knew it, my body and mind relaxed, the anxiety effortlessly left behind.

Bicycling is amazing like that. All I’m doing is getting from work to home, but somehow there’s so much more going on.

  • Roberto

    Are those Schwalbe Big Apple 50′s?

  • cycler

    ahhh yes, the de-stress commute.
    I discovered the benefits of bicycle commuting when I lived in Italy, thousands of miles from friends and family, pre-internet when international calls cost a dollar a minute. I had a crazy boss, and was too inexperienced to know she was crazy, and bicycling around the city was one of the only things that keps me sane….

    It’s been a busy week here, and such a relief to climb on the bike at the end of a long day!

  • Fred N

    Thanks for sharing Dottie. Your photos and the words brought me right there.


  • Lovely Bicycle!

    I know what you mean about getting stressed out from writing serious posts. As I am writing, I am re-experiencing whatever unpleasantness I am writing about, and as a result sometimes feel worse. That’s when it’s time to stop writing and do some errands – by bike.

    Anyhow, I am glad you are relaxed now. I also wanted to say that it’s great you ladies are back to regular posting after your French trip. I enjoy reading LGRAB and had serious withdrawal symptoms!

    • Nathan

      I love your pictures, and not just for the bikes and the views of Ghicago.

      • seejenbike

        I didn’t realize how much I depend on my bike commute to keep me sane and calm. I had to take the bus yesterday and became irritable, impatient, and just overall a less fun person to be around. It made me appreciate my bike that much more!

  • Anna

    As you illuminate in your post, traveling by bicycle allows the time and space to leave behind the stress of work before you get home, it just gives a great transition and different perspective. I imagine that if more people (or everyone) decided to bike to get places, we would all be less stressed and much happier. Biking makes the world a better place in so many ways!

    • David From Madison

      Ah, posts like these. Make me excited for my ride home.

      Although daylight saving time coming up. Is everyone ready to head home in the dark night after work?

  • Jim

    Wonderful! I am looking forward to relaxing while cycling myself. Is that your Gazelle? Beautiful bike!



  • Scott


  • David From Madison

    Killer boots! I have to ask (dumb question, I know)…. But you do ride in those? If so, is it comfortable?

    • Beany

      I LOVE those boots. LOVE!

  • SM

    I always feel better after a bike ride. Didn’t get to commute today, but took the bike out this evening just to unwind for a bit. It was cold, but worth it, so I can totally relate to your post. And, I love the photo of you staring out into the horizon with your bike… thanks for all the beautiful bike pictures, it makes me smile. I always get picked on by one family member in particular whenever I post pictures of myself – posing with my bike – enjoying the views, or photos of just my bike. They just don’t get it.

  • Ted

    That third picture at that angle makes the bike look rather streamlined and swept back. Sort of a 50s rocket look

    • Dottie

      vroom vroom! :)

      or whatever sound rockets make.

  • Antoine RJ Wright

    Just stumbled onto your site; first off, excellent site. Totally reams me for not riding today. But, will make it up this weekend.

    Secondly, excellent pictures. The sky, dress, bike, very good combinations. I’ve seen a lot of bike/fashion pics, but some of the ones you have here are easily better. And Chi-town in the backdrop, sweet.

    Yearning for a ride and will def visit back here.

  • Spiv

    How much was the bike, a couple of grand? Is biking in the city now going to be gentrified like the neighborhoods?

    • Dottie

      How dare middle-class people ride bikes! Somebody call the cool police, stat!

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