Martha’s Stylish Cyclists

Today I met Martha, a professional photographer working on a project documenting stylish Chicago bicyclists. She photographed me and Oma, and then I turned the tables on her for a few shots. After all, she has been a chic bike commuter herself for many years and rides an awesome vintage pink Schwinn.

Martha, her camera, her bike and Chicago

Here is more information from Martha about her project and a call out to Chicago cyclists.

I am working on a small project photographing stylish cyclists, and I want to photograph you with your bike (outside somewhere). I have a few rules:

1. No active wear, you should be wearing work clothes or going out clothes. (unless you can make a case for a particularly nice looking “functional” outfit)

2. I want all kinds of bikers but prefer women and commuters.

3. Look cute and dress up a little!

If this sounds good to you, contact Martha at mafaw1 {at} gmail {dot} com – she is still looking for subjects. She plans to compile her documentary photographs and create a new bicycling photoblog set to launch soon. I’ll definitely update you all when her site goes live!

  • Angi

    Wow. Absolutely love her bike.

    Chic cycling is so much better than cladding yourself in lycra…really no need for the lycra…dresses and skirts all the way!

  • Trisha

    Yay for pink Schwinns!

  • donna

    cute bike. If I were in Chicago I’d pose for ya.

  • Lovely Bicycle!

    I like how you turned the tables; your portrait of her is great!

  • welshcyclist

    I love your blog, it confirms everytime that the best looking girls ride bikes. Martha is yet another gorgeous, stylish and obviously talented lady cycling the streets of Chicago, brilliant.

  • Cameron

    Here’s hoping all of you Chicagoans are in good spirits!

  • meligrosa

    beautiful!! and she rides
    cant wait to see the results :D

  • reno andreyant

    very cool photos of this. always successful

  • wanggihoed

    good bicyclette.. i lik it bicycle

  • Gendis Ruby

    thank you Martha the picture is good