Another day of bike commuting

Another day of bike commuting in Chicago: enjoying the perfect fall weather, getting honked at for the audacity of taking the lane to turn left, being the only vehicle to stop for school children in a crosswalk while cars whizzed by, having most drivers treat me respectfully, feeling healthy and happy on my bicycle, and wearing purple for Spirit Day.

You may have noticed that Oma is missing her huge wicker basket. I go through accessory phases and currently I’m feeling the Basil pannier. I took off the easy-to-remove front rack for a little change. I’ve had the Basil pannier for over a year, but I’m still amazed by how much it can hold – at least as much as the basket – and how it never looks dirty.  Magic.

On another note – have you answered the “Your City” bicycling survey yet? So far there are over 50 fascinating responses. If your city has not been mentioned yet, represent! If your city has been mentioned, see what others have to say and then give us your perspective.

  • Lovely Bicycle!

    Oh I just love the “getting honked when in the left lane, about to turn left” thing! I signal a left turn, and yet the reaction seems to be “OMG what is she doing in the left lane?? I must honk at her, surely she shouldn’t be here”! It is almost cute really. Almost…

    • Dottie

      Ha, so true :)

  • Nuresma

    Love this Basil pannier!

  • SM

    Someone suggested to me that I check out Basil panniers, and by coincidence I’m reading your post this morning on Coco’s geom and I come across this post. I will now have to checkout the Basil website.

  • Niklas

    The pannier looks great, my wife would love one of those. Christmas present idea solved! Thank you.

  • Scott

    I just did the opposite with my Oma’s front rack. I had been riding around without it for a couple years. But now my CSA pickup is in Wicker Park, almost directly on my route home. The box of veggies fits perfectly on the rack, and it takes almost no time at all out of my day to pick them up.

    Riding with a big box on your bike, even if it is only 2 miles from Wicker Park to Logan Sq, definitely attracts more attention than usual.