A Refresher Course on Fall Cycling Style

Fall is the most fun season to dress for, in my opinion, whether on a bike or not. Tights, scarves and boots all come into play, but in a fun and casual way, not the oppressive way of winter.

Last year we wrote a How To for fall cycling style. In Paris, Trisha demonstrated the effortlessly chic look that’s so spot on for this time of year.

Trisha demonstrates fall cycling on a Velib in Paris

Note the main ingredients that we discussed in last year’s advice column: a dress made season-appropriate with a pair of fun tights and a breezy cardigan. Such an outfit is a perfect mix of style and substance. Tres velo chic!

What’s your ideal fall cycling outfit?

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13 thoughts on “A Refresher Course on Fall Cycling Style

  1. welshcyclist says:

    You wouldn’t want to see the garb(age) I wear on a bike, but you just look stunning as always. Keep the posts coming.

  2. i. feel. so. oppressed. during. winter.

    [great way to put it]

    i miss my flip flops. :/

  3. cycler says:

    Hot tip- the “Premium Opaque Tights” from Target are killer good- opaque enough to almost feel like leggings. I bought 2 pairs to try and am headed back for more. Might only be available in Black and Brown, although I’m hoping for Grey.

    Yes, it’s a lovely time to ride-the thermometer I pass on my way in said 47, which is about perfect for lightly aerobic exercise.

    • G.E. says:

      Funny that you brought up tights as I just did a post about finding tights for the larger legged lady. I am very excited about starting the tights season! I just hope that we get to keep the Fall season for a bit instead of heading straight into the snow season. :)

  4. anna says:

    Fall is colorful, and has a good temperature to cycle in. That’s what I really like about it. Unfortuntely I’m also sometimes undecisive whether I need to wear a cap and scarf. Well, these days I even consider carrying a pair of gloves. It seems that October is already to late for a comfortable cycle temperature…

  5. nicolas says:

    aaaaaaaah total brainfreeze, i’m trying to see where this pic was taken and i can’t figure it out! i thought i knew my city’s bike lanes better than this.

    (also, from October to March: cap, pea coat and XXL orange knit scarf. My warm layer goes with everything.)

  6. G.E. says:

    Trisha looks adorable and very Autumn-like!

    Personally, layers work for me in the Fall because the temperature seems to change easily. Being able to add and remove is definitely nice.

  7. Colder temps make riding a little more involved, trying to figure out what you need to wear and what looks good. So many hurried mornings digging around for the right stuff. I have my own room for my Fall/Winter bike clothes, which helps keep it organized.

  8. eva says:

    After what seemed to be an endless summer I was finally given the opportunity this week to dress for fall weather. It feels nice to have my legs warmly wrapped in some thick tights! Miss Trisha looks effortlessly chic atop that Velib!

  9. maureen says:

    Love, love, love tights, blazers, skirts, cardigans and scarves! You, as usual, look very fashionable!

  10. Dave says:

    I love when I get to start wearing scarves, and I can mix up my hats and wear my fedoras more often. I also love layers, so it’s nice when they become practical too, rather than having to try to work out layers that are cool enough.

    I love the winter too, to be honest, and wish it got a little colder here instead of just raining for 5 months straight :)

  11. Dave says:

    I also forgot to mention, now I can comfortably wear suits to work too! I’m not required for work, but I like to sometimes anyway, though I don’t find the motivation to do it when it’s 95 F outside :)

  12. Mais oui! Elle est tres chic et tres Francais! I think that no matter what the time of year sunglasses and a cardigan are essential chic. Over the last several months my inner-French girl has been insisting that I wear scarves and they are especially comforting during the fall. Keep those style tips coming.

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