Happy Friday!

I’m off to start the morning right.

Enjoy your ride!

  • dukiebiddle

    What make of mirror is that? I’m considering getting one and that one looks just about right.

    • Tinker

      Its the “German Mirror” from Rivendell, as I recall.

      But the Round MTB handle bar mount mirrors (from Amazon) work about as good as anything, and are a lot cheaper. They include a couple of different size mounts, so they will fit Road Bikes as well. (You can also order parts, if you need them, for a lot less, than an entire mirror, if by chance the bar-end mounts break or the mirrors themselves.) The bar-end mounts use a machined brass fitting, threaded to a tight fit, so you will have to use the provided hex wrench to put them on. You can’t use your fingers.

      MTB mirrors are glass, and I’d have used these instead of stock Honda mirrors om my MC, back in the day.

      • dukiebiddle

        Ah, yes, I’m looking to avoid bar ends, as I have North Roadish bars, the view would be obstructed by my arm and I actually prefer to rest my palms on the bar ends when I’m cruising while sitting upright. Old fashioned cheapies would be perfect, but everything on the market seems to be bar ends nowadays, and none of my local LBSs seem to carry mirrors anymore. Grrrr. I bet Walmart has them, but to get to one I’d have to cycle through a port terminal’s connector to I-95, and those tractor trailers are TERRIFYING.

      • http://letsgorideabike.com Dottie

        Yes, it’s the German mirror from Rivendell. Was not expensive at all. I bought another for my Oma and highly recommend it. I tried a couple of different mirrors before this one and hated them.

  • http://lovelybike.blogspot.com Lovely Bicycle!

    Those cork grips are looking nicer and nicer as they age.

  • http://www.inspiredcyclist.wordpress.com maureen

    Just love how your Betty matches the ocean!

  • Jennifer in Scotland

    That photo of the lake is just beautiful and Betty Foy looks so pretty as always. It’s now only 4 weeks until I visit Chicago and I can’t wait to vist the places featured in your photos.

  • http://girlsandbicycles.blogspot.com Miss Sarah

    Happy Friday!

    Now I’m thinking about the chicken and fries from the Publican, from last week.


  • http://www.unebricoleuse.blogspot.com Susan

    Beauteous maximus!

  • http://1girl2wheels.com erin

    What gorgeous shots! I may be feeling the stir of some morning route envy. :-)

  • delores

    The beautiful lake views must really help in erasing jerks and excessive heat/humidity from your mind. I am envious! Happy you post such lovely pics.

  • http://carolynsflightoffancy.blogspot.com/ Carolyn I.

    I don’t think that the German Mirror is expensive at all! It’s only a tiny bit more then what I paid for my Mirrcycle (which I love). It’s nice to see that it’s made in Germany.

    Nice photos Dottie!

  • http://www.me-go.net/rtw/blog/ Megan

    I thought The Slow Bicycle Society might be just your speed. There’s a Summer Slowterium this Saturday and it is mostly on trails. If you’re interested, here’s the info.

  • http://www.thecitybirdsnest.blogspot.com cb

    riding your bike in the morning is always a great start to any day!!! i have felt so much better since i have doing it too :)

    love the color of your bike :D