Pashley Pride in NYC

Trisha w/Pashley Princess Sovereign and Dottie with the Pashley Poppy

Dottie and I took a spin on some bikes from Adeline Adeline this afternoon with our friend Wanda. We took our time looking over their impressive inventory–Linus, Pashley, Batavus, Gazelle and more–and rode a couple of models each, including the Pashley Princess Sovereign and Pashley Poppy pictured above. It was my first Pashley ride and Dottie’s first time on a Pashley Poppy–and the first time riding the streets of New York City for all three of us. The ensuing debriefing covered many topics, including compare and contrast: Pashley Poppy and Azor Oma; is bigger really better when it comes to bells; and the prevalence of bike salmon. More to come on these all-important thoughts and our NYC experiences when we get home!

  • Lovely Bicycle!

    Oh wow, you are BOTH riding Pashleys, how extremely cute : )) I am looking forward to all the comparisons you mentioned, and wishing you a fun time in NYC!

    • meligrosa

      so rad, nyc had a dose of the double troubles! :D
      your black+beige dresses are so darn classy

  • Miss Sarah

    Welcome to the Pashley club! Hope the bikes treated you well. Even after years of riding Pashley I’ve recently readjusted the saddle and tilt on the handlebars for better fit.

  • welshcyclist

    Gorgeous as always, two beautiful girls and two beautiful bikes, what more can a cyclist wish to see? Hope you all had agreat time. You say you were allowed a spin on these bikes by the shop, is that because of the fame now of LGRAB?

    • Trisha

      No, we just went in and asked nicely. :)

      • welshcyclist

        Sadly that doesn’t happen here, more’s the pity.

  • maureen

    Great photo. Can’t wait to hear more about your trip, and your test drives as well! Hope you loved biking in the city!

  • Tinker

    You can never have too BIG a bell. My wife just shudders when I push the lever on my 3.5″ bell. But it always gets attention, and people get out of the way, or step back out of the bike lane.

    It replaced a 1″ apology for a real bell from the bike maker, that used to make people scratch their head as to where that mostly inaudible came from.

  • Kara

    Gotta love Pashley Pride!

  • Julie

    Gosh! I was out grocery-riding on Saturday in NYC! I’ve got to get down to that store, but I know it’s gonna hurt ($$$) when we give in and go check it out.

    • Trisha

      I know, I always end up getting something every time I go into a bike shop! This was no exception. They have a little something for every price range though. Definitely worth checking out!

  • Vee

    I love it when you road trip together! can’t wait for the reviews and NYC photo ops!

  • Julie Hirschfeld

    I’m sorry I missed you guys when you stopped by the shop. It was a very rare day that I wasn’t there. You look great on those Pashleys!

    • Trisha

      We were sorry to miss you but really enjoyed the visit!

  • jamison

    did you get mugged, i bet you got mugged.

    • Herzog


    • dukiebiddle

      I don’t think Pashleys function as time machines into the 70s. ;) Manhattan is Disneyland.

    • neighbourtease


  • Lady Vélo

    How gorgeous!
    Hope you had fun on the Pashleys!

  • Frits B
  • Melissa Parpan

    I just bought my Pashley Princess Sovereign from this store! Trisha, you may not remember me, I had e-mailed you a few months ago looking for a similar bike I saw Marisa Tomei riding in a TV ad. Thanks to this blog I found my dream bike. I hope you’re both enjoying biking in my awesome city!

    • Trisha

      Of course I remember — glad you found a bike you love!

  • Elizabeth

    Is more coming about the Pashley experience? I am currently debating Pashley vs. Oma vs. Batavus Breukelen. I hope you guys share your thoughts!

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  • Pari

    Really cool…Its just making me feel jealous!

  • Simply Bike

    How fun! You two look smashing ;) What a sight with those two gorgeous bikes on the streets of NYC. I can’t wait to read the follow ups on this, especially the part on … bike salmon?!

  • Jeanette

    So glad you got to the wonderful Adeline Adeline — I got my bicycle there and they have been completely wonderful in every way since. And they have a really knowledgeable female mechanic!!!

    Regarding bells: I actually replaced the bell that came with my bicycle with a larger and louder one: the tourists on the Brooklyn Bridge wandering into the bike lane simply ignored — or, more probably, did not hear — the polite tinkle on the original bell. Louder really is sometimes better!

    Enjoy the rest of your visit….looking forward to the full reviews.

  • Trisha

    I wonder if she was the one who helped us get the bikes to ride? Super friendly and cool glasses. Impressive ability to carry Pashleys up flights of stairs… :)

    Good to know their follow-through is as good as their point-of-sale treatment.