LGRAB Summer Games Round III and Grand Prize Winners

The moment is here! Dottie and I wanted to find a way to draw for the prizes together, so we gave Wetoku a spin. The sound leaves something to be desired, but it was fun to be on screen together. Watch the video, or just click through the jump to see the list of winners if you can’t stand the suspense. :)

Round III Winners:

Kaitlyn of Thoughts of Mint GreenBanjo Brothers commuter backpack

Karen V. – Crane Bell from Rivendell

Liz Y. – Queen Bee Panniers

Linda N. – Soma Deco Rack

Amanda of My 2010 is Here – Brooks B68S saddle from Renaissance Bikes

First Runner-Up: S. of Academichic and Simply Bike, who won a prize package of a Sophia Jacket from Harlot Clothing Company, Kid Shopper Panniers from Dutch Bike Co, and a Bern Helmet from Copenhagen Cyclery.

Winner of the Batavus BuB: Evie of Now for Then


A million thanks to our prize sponsors, especially Fourth Floor Distribution for the beautiful Batavus!

Didn’t take home a prize this time?  Start training for the LGRAB Winter Games!  :)

  • http://www.simplybike.wordpress.com Simply Bike

    Whoa whoa whoa! I can’t believe I won something!! I am so excited about my new jacket, thank you both (and your sponsors) so much!! And congrats to the other winners!

    And, again, THANKS for organizing this, I loved the Summer Games! S.

  • http://beatbikeblog.blogspot.com/2010/07/riding-east-coast-dirtway-lets-go-ride.html Schleppi Longstocking

    Congrats to everyone!

  • http://nowforthen.wordpress.com Evie

    I am absolutely speechless. Stunned. Never in a million years…I can’t even begin to express my gratitude to Dottie, Trisha, and Fourth Floor Distribution. I’m floored. And conratulations to the other winners, as well as all the participants! The Summer Games have been a wonderful experience.

  • http://lovelybike.blogspot.com Lovely Bicycle!

    Awesome! This was a great project you ladies organised. Congratulations to all the winners!

  • http://girlsandbicycles.blogspot.com Miss Sarah

    Congrats, Evie!


  • http://www.fullhandsx3.blogspot.com sara

    Yay, Evie. You are going to LOVe all those new DC bike lanes on your spankin’ new awesome bike. Cheers!

  • http://bicyclingsd.blogspot.com Beany

    Congratulations to all the winners! I’m so excited for you all :)

  • http://carolynsflightoffancy.blogspot.com/ Carolyn I.

    Congratulations to all the winners of this round and the Grand Prize winner. And thanks to Trisha and Dottie for their hard work in getting sponsors, organizing, and running these games.

  • David

    Big congrats to Evie, maybe I’ll see you riding that bike around town. Madison is pretty small as we know.

    Congrats everyone. Wish I’d have participated, I did a lot of the events but I forgot about the pictures/contest.

  • http://www.simplybike.wordpress.com Simply Bike

    Hold on, I have to amend that comment bc I didn’t realize that I won *all* of those items! :) I am also psyched about the Bern helmet and the panniers – all items on my bikey wish list, thank you! S.

  • http://www.naturallycyclingmanchester.wordpress.com LC

    hello!! Congrats to all the winners :) gutted I was not able to take part on Part 3 of the games (blame crazy work hours!) but it’s been really fun to do new things in Part 1 and 2 thanks to the summer games!! Thanks girls for organising them!!

    cycle love ♥

  • http://nowforthen.wordpress.com Evie

    Thanks, David! Sadly, the BuB will probably never enter the Madison biking scene, since I’m heading to D.C. in a couple of weeks and will likely have the bike shipped there. Which is a pity, really; it would be so much fun to encounter a fellow LGRABber here in my hometown!