Alternative Transportation

I want to ride a horse around Chicago!  That would be awesome – no one would mess with me and children would love me.

My new blog, Let’s Go Ride a Horse, would be a runaway hit.  Life on four hooves: simple. stylish. a little smelly.

  • Tom

    The sad part is that cars will still honk and you and yell “GET THAT HORSE ON THE SIDEWALK WHERE IT BELONGS!”

    • levy

      I haven’t had that happen to me, yet. But on a bike, yup, they don’t want Lance on the road.

  • Lovely Bicycle!

    You would need a work horse and a racing horse. At least!
    : )

    • Dottie

      LOL – definitely! And the miniature horse Amy suggested below.

      • Dave

        Do they make fixed-gear horses? :D

  • Amy

    And a miniature horse to travel with. :)

    It’s good to see that Chicago still has a mounted unit. My hometown has one, and I always loved the sound of hooves on cobblestone streets.

  • Amy

    HA! :D

  • levy

    If I ride a horse on the road, no driver would honk and shout, “Get off the road!” Why do drivers hate cyclists? It isn’t like I hold up the traffic. Horses do hold up traffic occasionally. Maybe if I make my bicycle look like a horse, I won’t get honked. “[N]o one would mess with me and children [might] love me.” ;-)

    • Dottie

      No one shouts at tractors, either, not that I’ve seen. Horse drawn tourist carriages downtown get much deference. But then I haven’t seen anyone honk at a pedicab, either.

  • Erik Sandblom

    Good idea for a new blog. Beware the horse helmet wars though. Why is the policeman not wearing a horse helmet? Horse helmets prevent 88% of head injuries.

    • Dottie

      So true. :)

    • dukiebiddle

      NOT TRUE! 88% only applies to babies and toddlers under 4 years old on pretty ponies. Furthermore, when horseys go over 12.5 mph horse helmet effectiveness drops considerably due to rotational something something-or-other. At a standard urban horse trot it would take 8000 years of average ho….*

      *kidding! And ducking.

    • Marion

      Darn! You stole my line! I was just *itching* to write a reply about ‘irresponsible policepeople not wearing helmets’… :-)

  • Frits B
    • Dottie


  • dukiebiddle

    I just wish the police, arabbers etc. that use horses in my city would diaper their horses when they use the bike lanes. When that stuff gets knocked, spread and smeared all over the place it gets pretty horrific.

    • Dottie

      Eek, yeah. I haven’t had that problem before (yet).

  • cycler

    I often wonder why motorists don’t honk at other slow moving vehicles- classic cars, mounted policemen (OK that’s obvious) Horse drawn carriages, not even the occasional construction equipment. They understand that that particular vehicle moves slower and they just deal with it.

    I heard a conversation between a guy who drives a rigging truck (a crane) and his buddy, where he said that at first it was tough being the slowest person on the road, but then he realized- he’s “leading the parade” and he didn’t let it get to him. I try to channel him, and imagine that I’m leading the parade, and all the people behind me are happy and contented- we’re on parade after all! Somehow it seems to help! At least it helps me…

    • dukiebiddle

      “I’m leading the parade, and all the people behind me are happy and contented- we’re on parade after all!”

      Ha! Love it. More sousaphones, please. :)

    • neighbourtease

      leading the parade is hilarious.

      • cycler

        We can all do the queen’s parade wave- elbow, elbow, wrist wrist wrist!

  • Melissa S.

    I don’t think the low-cost maintenance argument would work for a horse.
    They are so darn cute!
    I think the reason drivers don’t honk at horses is because they’re cute. Maybe I can get a helmet designed to look like a horse. Would that work???

    • cycler

      I think you’re right- same with model T’s
      That’s why I personally think I get less abuse than people in spandex. I aim for the aesthetic of a vintage car- classier than workout shorts and an ratty t-shirt.

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