Bikes=summer fashion trend?

It’s been the hottest June to hit Nashville in more than 50 years, but regardless I feel like I’ve seen more people riding bicycles this month than I did either of the two previous Junes put together.

Another thing I’ve been seeing more often this summer? Bicycle-themed clothing. Of course, I completely approve of both trends, even if wearing a dress printed with bikes while riding a bike might be overdoing it a little bit.

Oh well, subtlety can be overrated. And a cool cotton dress is the perfect choice for a hot summer ride.

Anyone else out there sporting bike fashion these days? And if so, do you wear it while riding your bike?

  • Randall

    Trisha, no fashion statements here, but I love, love the dress with bikes.

    I wear cotton sometimes when commuting, but it gets very sweaty very quick (I’m in the deep south).

  • Fashionable Academics

    I have the amazing bicycle dress from Anthropologie and I wear it while biking! Your dress is adorable!

  • Traci

    June in Atlanta was very hot also, but we seem to have gotten a reprieve for July – it’s been great biking weather in the mid-80′s! Of course, for some people that’s probably still really hot, but in the south that’s practically winter weather :)

    I almost always wear a skirt or dress while biking since I feel much cooler than in shorts. I’ve sometimes worn bloomers underneath, but haven’t lately because another layer defeats the purpose of keeping cool. I haven’t had too many problems as long as the skirt is almost knee length – any shorter and I feel that I’m always grabbing at it. Your dress looks perfect for biking!

  • dreamlet

    Oooh love the dress!

  • Dave

    The only bike-themed clothing I have is socks, and I do sometimes wear them while riding. I do however see a ton of other people wearing stuff with bikes. It is Portland, after all – you couldn’t be hip otherwise :)

  • Amanda Z from NYC

    That dress and bike are the best!

    I’m now on the hunt for bicycle-themed clothing!

  • 2whls3spds

    I have a pair of boxer shorts with bicycles on them…father’s day gift from my DD. And no I don’t wear them where they can be seen in public. I do wear cotton or linen in the summer here in the deep south. Today was actually quite tolerable but the heat is coming back!

    I have heard good things about bamboo fabrics for comfort in the humid south, but haven’t had a chance to try any yet.


    • Trisha

      I have a bamboo dress and love it. Like wool, it doesn’t hold odor. Definitely tops cotton.

  • Laura @ PARING DOWN

    I have to wear shorter sweat-wicking fabrics, which don’t look good under my helmet as I melt in the summer Houston humid heat. Love your cute fashion!!!
    :) Laura

  • meligrosa

    love your blue/blues :D
    i super heart fashion and even if iwasnt on my bicycle miles around the city, up n down hills, and if i wroekd next door to my house – id still dress up.
    happy hot summer, hottie!! xxo.m

    • Trisha

      Same to you, Meli! :)

  • Sungsu

    Your dress can’t be overdoing it because that would mean my “Ride On” Life is Good T-shirt is too much. :-)

  • Miss Sarah

    I usually find wearing “bike” clothes (like with little pictures of bikes and stuff) is way too verbatim for me.

    But, maybe I haven’t seen the right thing yet…

    There are those huge bike bling necklaces. I wouldn’t say no to one of those…

    • Trisha

      It definitely has to be the right thing. D has a bike bling necklace that is pretty fab!

  • Karen

    I don’t have any bike them clothing or jewelry yet. I like the dress though. Great cut and it really does match the bike.

  • anna

    Cool dress, nice color.

  • Dottie

    That’s an awesome dress – beautiful pictures! I have a couple of bike necklaces that I love to wear. My only bike-related clothing is that t-shirt we bought in Russia.

  • Simply Bike

    Oooh, I love your bike dress! Where is it from? I think wearing bike things while on a bike is perfectly wonderful. (You wouldn’t not wear a shirt with a car on it just because you’re driving somewhere, right?) ;)

    I got my husband a couple of cool graphic tees with bikes on them and I would love some of my own – or even better, some wonderful bike dresses like yours or the Anthro. one that La Historiada wears on her blog, so lovely!

    And I just wanted to add that your hair is awesome, so long and pretty and I love the blunt bangs!


    • Trisha

      Thanks! It’s from Soma; my friend Ashley gave it to me. I think it is supposed to be a nightgown, but it was too pretty to sleep in.

  • Melissa S.

    That is the cutest dress on the cutest rider! ;-)

  • Lovely Bicycle!

    Oh my, that is a splendid dress!!!
    I want, I want!

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  • Gordon Inkeles

    I’ve worn baggy slacks and sun-protected long sleeve shirts around town.