Social Cycling Week 2 Roundup

Two weeks into the Summer Games and the entries are really rolling in! Reading every story is like unwrapping a little gift. Hearing how much fun everyone is having simply by riding bikes makes us so happy. See for yourself by checking out the pictures below. We encourage you to click on the links to read the full stories, visit the participants’ blogs, deepen the dialogue and spread the bike love!

Go on a bike date with a partner or friend–dress up!

Husband and wife touring Prague on two wheels (Academichic), a Portland bike date (Portlandize), a tex-mex bike date (Biking in Heels), a Friday night bike date while the kids are at a sleepover (Biking and Baking), a bike date picnic in Toronto (Bikeroo in TO), bike date with a friend (Via Velo), a bike date to the theatre (Portlandize), sunset on the beach (…After Coffee), and a sunny beach date (Space Rider Gal).

Ride with your family

Cycle Chic Sunday with mother and daughter in L.A. (LA Cycle Chic), Family bike date in Edmonton, Canada (Girls and Bicycles), three sisters in Iowa (Bike Bliss), family ride to Kindergarten open house in Toronto (Fletcher Five, Toronto), and an inspiring ride with little nieces (Knitting Lemonade).

Go on a group ride

Tweed Ride! (ZOMGBicycles), the Tour de Cure (Bike Skirt), a bike to work day group ride (Biking in Heels), a Lovely Sunday Ride (Biking and Baking), Chrissy’s first group ride (The New Me), ride to Portland farmer’s market (Portlandize), a critical mass in Canada (Carolyn’s Flight of Fancy), a blessing of the bikes group ride (Via Velo), New York City friends group ride (Thoughts of Mint Green), a symphony of bells for bike lanes in Toronto (Duncan’s City Ride) and more bells on Bloor (Because I’m Not Dutch), a Napa Valley group ride (No More Bad Town), a rainy breakfast ride with friends (Pedal and Coast), Texas Thursday night social ride (More than Rainbows), a lake house group ride (My 2010 is Here), going Dutch in Toronto (Duncan’s City Ride), and Tweed Ride! (Rose Read).

Leave a friendly note or say “hi” to another cyclist

A creative and fun sunflower seed bike note (Fletcher Five, Toronto), x-tracycle inner circle communication (Slow Bike Madison), saying hi to bmx teenagers (Girl on a Bicycle), leaving a fantastic note for a fantastic bike (Fashionable Academics), love note to an Electra Ticino (Knitting Lemonade), a bike date and red light chat in Vienna (Cycling Is Good For You), and chatting with an awesome older biking lady (My 2010 is Here).

It’s not too late to start–the Social Cycling event is going on through June 7. Check out our Flickr pool for more inspiration.

If you don’t see a link to your entry here, and you blogged about it, email us at LGRAB (at) letsgorideabike (dot) com with the details. If you don’t have a blog, no problem! Simply email us your picture(s) and story. We will be highlighting the entries we received via e-mail later this week!

Read the Week 1 Roundup here

  • Step-Through

    I’m in! I just posted about taking a family ride – although I have no real family nearby, so it was with my boyfriend and his mom. Hope that counts!

  • Dave

    Wow, that’s an impressive list of submissions!

  • Vee


  • bongobike

    In the photo of the three ladies posing in a park with their rides, the lady on the left, dressed in black, with the red Diamond Back Ascent brings back memories. I had that same bike in pale blue, and with the same problem. I ran into something and bent the fork back (also damaged the frame). I miss that bike. Those old 80s MTBs are very comfortable rides.

  • Kristin Tieche

    The one of the Pastor is fantastic!

  • Doohickie

    I decided in a rather curmudgeonly fashion that I’m not going to ride where and how you think I should; I do my own thing, thank you very much.

    That said, I did to a social ride/”bike date” with Chris of Pondero blog. You can see my version here and his account here. If you want to give me credit for maybe a group ride and “leaving a note” for my online account, I might consider doing the next activities.

    But only because I want to, mind you.

  • Doohickie

    Oops. I got the links reversed. But you get the idea.

  • S of academichic

    This is so much fun to read! thanks for the great round up, I love getting to find out about a lot of new-to-me blogs this way! S

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  • Coreen

    I hope I’m not too late! I gotta work on this procrastination thing (maybe later). ;-)