Social Cycling Week 1 Roundup

One week into the Summer Games, things couldn’t be off to a better start. We continue to be amazed and impressed at the number of people who are playing along! If you need some inspiration, here are links to the entries we’ve gotten so far.

Go on a group ride

Wondering what would be considered a group ride? Try one of these: dropping off the kids at school by bike with another family;  touring Munich by bike; attending a bike rally; tour your home city by bike; or join a Ride of Silence or the Tour de Cure.

Kara of Knitting Lemonade and her friend bikepooled to work in matching helmets!

Leave a friendly note or say “hi” to another cyclist

This one is a little harder than it sounds–we cyclists move fast and not everyone carries a pen and paper in their panniers! Still,  Sox at Pedal and Coast managed to snap a pic of the cyclist she said hi to at a red light.

Carolyn took the opportunity to leave a note telling another cyclist about Critical Mass.


Ride with your family

How cool is this picture of Xander from 416cyclestyle on a ride with his wife & kids?

Mark took his family to dinner on an ebike, while E at academichic went with her husband and baby to pick up their CSA share.

Recruit a non-biking friend

Claire in Toronto convinced her husband to give bike commuting a try.

Go on a bike date–dress up!

S. and her husband T. took in the sights of Munich by bike.

Cyclin’ Missy grabbed a beer and dinner with friends.

It’s not too late to start–the Social Cycling event is going on through June 7. Check out our Flickr pool for more inspiration.

p.s. if you don’t see a link to your entry here, and you blogged about it: we don’t have it. Email us at LGRAB (at) letsgorideabike (dot) com with the details.

  • Sheryl Keeme

    Hi there,
    I saw your post and wanted let you know I have organized some women in the Phoenix area with the same or similar focus. Would love to share ideas…Good luck on your endeavor.

  • Simeon Orme

    Summer Games is great ideal, here a link to set of photos of our group ride last Saturday into the Yorkshire Dales and like other cycling club secretaries I do carry spare copies of our club magazine in my saddlebag to give out to folk who may be interest in joining our club which I did today has I was cycling back from work.

    Which ever side of the pond you live, just hope all the folk read your blog, go for ride this weekend and post some photos on the web of where they got to on your ride.


  • Dottie

    A huge thank you to everyone playing along. Reading through all of the entries (including the many new entries that flooded in today) is making me a lil’ emotional – in a good way! Spread the bike love :)

  • S. of academichic

    Great round up! It’s so fun to see how everyone is participating! Love this event :)


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  • Cyclin’ Missy

    I know you got my blog links even though neither one is in this post. But no problem! More are coming for a future opportunity!

  • Trisha

    So sorry MIssy! I knew I would miss something — edited to add one of your posts. We did have both in our spreadsheet.

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