Millennium Park in the Morning

I stopped by Millennium Park on the way to work Thursday morning. The park is out of my way, but worth a visit. I have gobs more pictures of the gardens – this is only the first set.

I really appreciate Chicago.  The city has its problems, but there is also so much beauty.

  • eva

    how scenic you commute must be! makes me miss living in a big city…

  • Karen

    Dottie, if you ever decide to give up law, you just might have a career in photography. Really great images, once again, of my favorite city!

  • Lovely Bicycle!

    It’s funny that I really feel like I “know” Chicago from your posts, despite having never been there. All the flower and water pictures from the lakefront trail are especially potent.

  • Linda

    Dottie, Love you nutcase helmet. I have one and I have never been happy with the fit. The helmet seems realy tight on my head. I measured and own a S/M size. Do you know if they run small? Did you have this problem? I know that helmets are suppose to be tight but I don’t think is should hurt! I did have to order the helmet online so I didn’t have a chance to try it on before hand. Any thoughts would be great. Thanks LOVE your blog!!!!!!!

  • meligrosa

    you are such a cutie. love seeing your abstract pictures around the city. over time, im gettin to know chicago thru your lense :D

  • jane

    You are such a great ambassador for your city, I want to come visit! It looks so lovely…. all the blue in these photos… and those flowers: beautiful.

  • Andrew Coffey

    Are you going to the Dutch bike ride Sat May 8th? Should be fun I’m taking my French Blue Bakfiets.Hope to see you there.

  • Two Pitties in the City

    I love how our city has such great pockets of beauty. When I worked in the Aon building we used to bring our lunch there all the time and just eat outside.

  • Dave

    Looks like a pretty interesting park! Most of the parks in Portland are either very woodsy, or else very urban (that is, just a plaza with a fountain or whatever). Looks like this one has a really nice mix of both. Have you posted more of the photos to flickr?

  • Antonis Liokouras

    very beautiful blog. I saw your beautiful collection of bikes in your flickr site.
    I will definitely put on the Brooks saddle on my Motobecane

  • David

    Thanks for sharing the pics. I would like to see more. From these pics, it’s interesting, but I don’t see what there is to do/see at this park? There is gardens? Cool. Chicago is a nice place for use to visit since we’re only a couple hours away, so keep the scenic stuff coming, to give me ideas.

    And may I ask, what are you staring at in that picture of yourself?

    • Dottie

      Yes, there are gardens, among many other attractions. I did a full write up of Millennium Park last summer. I’m not staring at anything in the picture, just trying to photograph myself in a public place without looking like a total wombat.

      • Tinker

        A ‘Combat Wombat’ for sure. Hodaka used to make a small displacement dirt racing motorcycle called that, thanks for the smile!

  • Wilbur Fleming

    Admittedly, I am promoting my less frequented blog, via your more popular blog, by referring your readers to one of my links
    Day job: professor of architecture. Real love: cycling. Mission: to show the built environment has moved from being about walking, to driving, to cycling. Those paths are just made from cycling. And Gehry’s steel trellis is made FROM them! I mean, check out that lug work!