Cherry Blossom Garden

I love spring because everything is fresh and new. Colors pop from all corners, chirping “hello!” and “well done!” after a long winter. The cherry blossom tree encapsulates everything that is magical about spring, a burst of breezy energy between the icy winter and the sweltering summer.

All of these trees hid in plain sight in the garden where I often sit and read during my lunch break. I did not realize that they were cherry blossom trees until I approached the park on Friday to see millions of tiny blossoms smiling at me. Two days before there was nothing – then, everything. My heart hurt when I realized that I did not have my camera, so I returned during lunch today to capture the beauty that is already drifting off the limbs.

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  • vicki

    Wow,these photos are beautiful!!! I think you should submit them for my artist spotlights! ;)

    • Dottie

      What a compliment! The photographers you spotlight are true artists. I will humbly submit there :)

  • Hayley

    Oh. Dottie. How amazing. Thank you for going back with your camera to get pictures for us!

    • Dottie

      Thank you!

  • E A

    where is this hidden garden? I feel that way about the trees where I live – one minute nothing, then bright pink blossoms for just a bit (to let you know it’s spring!), then just the green leaves. I love the burst of color! And I usually don’t have my camera around when the color and the blooms are at their best. Enjoy the spring blooms! :-)

    • Dottie

      The hidden garden is not far from your office :) In front of the Newberry Library.

      • E A

        I know that area — I sometimes route myself that way, but have never stopped mid-day. Thanks for the insight, ;-)

  • Academichic

    Absolutely beautiful pictures! S

  • donnarino

    Dottie, your pics are great. I wish there was as pretty a place in downtown Toronto within a short distance of my building.

  • Dave

    Wow, I thought our Spring was happening early this year – our cherry trees lost their blossoms about 3 weeks ago already, we’re into lilacs and dogwoods and rhododendrons already.

    Gorgeous pictures, I think cherry trees are one of my favorite flowering things.

    We lived in Lithuania for a year, and in the Spring there, we realized the courtyard of our building was chock full of lilacs, which we hadn’t realized because we arrived mid-summer the year before, after they had stopped blooming. That was a wonderful surprise as well :)

    Speaking of which, there’s a lilac garden just at the bottom of the hill on which my work sits, I need to go down there at lunch soon and take some photos. Maybe if these clouds burn off today….

  • Lorenza

    what beautiful pictures Dottie!! :D x

  • Elaine, clothed much

    Wow…these are absolutely gorgeous pictures!!! I want to print all of ‘em out and hang them in my windows. There aren’t very many cherry blossom trees in Utah :(

  • Beth

    Really beautiful photos! I have been loving the blossoms too – I’m so excited that Spring has finally arrived. I love that you incorporated your bike into these shots as well! :)

  • La Historiadora de Moda

    These photos are just stunning! Looking at them has just made my day a little bit brighter. Thank you!

  • Camilla Wimberley

    Spring is my favourite month; the quality of the light, the freshness of the air, new leaves on all the trees, and blossom. Cycling along the River Ouse here in Old York and enjoying it all. Your beautiful pictures have reminded me of this :) lovely stuff.

    Twittering as we speak. Keep up the good work