Icy Sunday

Another Sunday ride for alone time, now with my new tripod. 10 degrees F (-12 C) was no reason to sloth around indoors. I took city streets to work every day last week, and hadn’t been to the lakefront since last Sunday. I love to be one with frozen Lake Michigan during the winter. Contemplating the horizon makes city living much more interesting.

It’s really not that cold. Humans are made to withstand temperature differences. I was totally warm, except for my fingers as always. In case you’re wondering, I stay warm in dresses by wearing two pairs of thick wool tights. Under my dress I have a cashmere sweater and over a thick wool sweater coat I bought in Tallin, Estonia and scarf and boots I bought in St. Petersburg, Russia 8 years ago. How time flies.

  • http://mark.stosberg.com/bike Mark Stosberg

    Great photos. I love the first one especially.

  • http://mark.stosberg.com/bike Mark Stosberg
  • b.

    Dottie, I’d love to hear more about your time in Russia. Did you bike while there?

  • Amy

    Gorgeous photos! So calm and blue.

  • Kevin Conway

    Pogies. I’m ordering a pair this week.

  • http://www.diamondsinchampagne.blogspot.com diamondsinchampagne

    Wow, what a beautiful setting. We never see that here in Aussieland

  • http://www.academichic.com Academichic

    Absolutely stunning photos! The colors are gorgeous, it just makes me want to be outside. I love these!

    You look gorgeous too – the dress and the braid – I’m biased of course ;) Wool tights are great but another thing that is amazing for warmth are silk long underwear! It’s what I wore under my shorts yesterday and they insulate like crazy. They’re called thermal underwear but because of their shiny look, I wear them like leggings/tights under skirts or shorts. S.

  • http://lovelybike.blogspot.com Lovely Bicycle!

    Amazing photos; you look out of this world!

  • http://letsgorideabike.com Dottie

    @b. – I majored in Russian lit and studied abroad in St. Petersburg way back in 2001. I did not ride a bike then, but Trisha and I rented bikes one day during a visit last April. She blogged about it in Birthday Bike Ride and talked about the cycling culture in St. Petersburg Cycles.

    More Russia posts – Russia: Weird and Wonderful and Beauty of St. Petersburg.

  • http://letsgorideabike.com Dottie

    @Mark Stosberg – Adorable picture! Sometimes I wish I could sit in a weather-insulated box :)

  • Dottie’s Gram Bev

    Fantastic photos, as always :)

  • bongobike


    which tripod did you get? I got my daughter in law one for Christmas. I forget the brand, but it’s a flexy one, with legs made of multiple ball joints that you can use as a normal tripod or wrap around pretty much anything–very cool.

  • neighbourtease

    You look awesome — like Freya! Totally inspiring.

  • http://www.slowbikemiami.com Daniel M. Perez (Slow Bike Miami)

    I never thought I’d have need for your “riding in winter” posts, except it has been in the 30s and 40s down in Miami for about a week! Go figure.

  • http://www.slowbikemiami.com Daniel M. Perez (Slow Bike Miami)

    @neighbourtease – She does look kinda Nordic, yes.

  • http://www.bikecommuters.com E A

    @Kevin Conway – I tried the Sidetrak brand Climitts last year, but they didn’t offer the protection I’d hoped for. Plus, it was hard to get my hands into and out of them easily for signaling. A friend had lent them to me since they had not worked on her handlebars, but I promptly returned them to her for someone else to try. Let me know if you find any worthwhile.

  • http://www.pocampo.com Maria B

    Love the photos! Thanks for sharing.

  • Scott

    Great shots, Dottie! It was so cold on Sat night that my breath froze in my scarf.

    According to the almanac, Thursday is on average the coldest day of the year in Chicago. After that it keeps getting warmer — we’re half way through the winter!

  • http://www.myhyggelig.blogspot.com/ Sigrid

    Nice shots. Everyone’s getting so arty today – love it. Did you get a new camera?

    Sorry, but I don’t care what you say, it’s cold out there and me no likey.

  • http://pittiesincity.blogspot.com/ Amy

    It has been so cold outside…those must be some really warm clothes. I need to start taking more of your advice!

  • http://www.bikebythesea.com/ Christa

    Snow by the sea… really stunning!

    Makes me want to cycle in the snow.

  • http://www.jellyjellybeans.blogspot.com evita nuh

    I’m speechless… this sooo beautiful!

  • http://www.bikecommuters.com Ghost Rider

    Dottie, all you need is a broadsword in that first photo — you look like some sort of Nordic warrior with your pigtails flying and that STERN look on your face!

  • http://www.pedalandcoast.blogspot.com Sox

    Beautiful photos! Very dramatic.
    Does Lake Michigan ever freeze solid in the winter? I’ve often wondered, but never bothered to find out.

  • Carlos

    Wow, cue up Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song: “Valhalla, I am coming!”

    Seriously, though, they’re wonderful photos.