Teen Witch Cycle Chic

Teen Witch! I was obsessed with that movie for a bit in 1990, carrying around a pink-papered, heart-shaped notebook in which I wrote all the spells. Somehow I had forgotten all about it, until I saw on Lily and the Muse that Teen Vogue posted a remake of the iconic Top That “rap” scene. The two girls happen to be riding bicycles in awesome preppy 80′s outfits.

The Original:

Good stuff. I’m really feeling their outfits and definitely the bikes. The music, not so much. :)

You can watch the remake here. The remake is by designer Rachel Antonoff (they’re wearing her new designs) with Alia Shawkat from Arrested Development. This demonstrates the growing popularity of both bikes and 80′s fashion.

  • http://cupcakerator.wordpress.com Amanda

    That movie is amazing. And that’s the best scene in the whole thing.

  • genevieve

    aw, yay! my sister & i were also big Teen Witch fans back in the day – i *may* still have a VHS copy somewhere…the ‘top that’ rap also made an appearance on the TV show 30 Rock last year, in case you’re interested.

  • http://lacyclechic.blogspot.com Cosmo

    That is one of my very favorite movies! I am constantly saying omni suminaro suminaro wa wan.

  • http://www.pedalandcoast.blogspot.com Sox

    Wow! My ’80s must have been in a parallel dimension.

  • http://letsgorideabike.com Dottie

    @Cosmo – That is my favorite spell, the one I still know today. This morning my husband said he’d never seen Teen Witch and I said omni suminaro suminaro wa wan!

    @genevieve – I LOVE 30 Rock, but have not seen that one. Going now to seek it out, too excited!

  • http://bikesovercars.blogspot.com/ Zweiradler

    German TV does show Teen Witch tonight. Coincidence? :)


  • http://lovelybike.blogspot.com Lovely Bicycle!

    I have ever seen this movie, but it reminds me of me and my best friend at age 12. The rap scene is superb!

  • http://www.bikebythesea.com/ Christa

    Hilarious. Oh, 80′s movies. :)

    Love that they remade the scene.

    Thanks for sharing, Dottie!

  • http://www.emmaalvarezgibson.com Emma Alvarez Gibson

    Hahaha, Teen Witch! I remember cringing and wanting to die during the “Top That” bit. (Actually I am cringing just remembering it.) 80s movies aside: LOVING the new look of the site! Really well done, you two. Cheers!

  • nuliajuk

    Both those girls need to learn to ride a straight line! Send them to the velodrome and have them ride on the madison line for an hour three times a week!

  • http://idreamofbicycling.blogspot.com/ Step-Through

    Weird, I was just working on a post about the movie “Now and Then” which has a lot of bikes in it. I never saw Teen Witch so thanks for sharing it! Makes you wonder what other movies planted bicycling in our brains (subconsciously or not).

  • http://bikeomaha.blogspot.com Omaha Bikes