Cutest Helmet Ever: DIY

Check this helmet out – what an idea! The author of Oh Joy!, a top style-lifestyle inspiration blog, happens to be a very chic cyclist. When she couldn’t find a polka dotted helmet to suit her needs, she made one out of a Bern Muse helmet and sticky decals.

Oh Joy’s Polka Dot Bern

She is also the proud owner of a Velorbis Victoria. Classy!

Oh Joy’s Velorbis and Bern Helmet

Read about her project direct from the source HERE, including the link to buy the polka dot decals.

I’m tempted to get a red helmet and attach black dots. I have a thing for ladybugs! :) Couldn’t hurt project get-drivers-to-treat-me-like-a-human, either.

Anyone else into personalizing helmets?

  • Anne Hawley

    I’m working on a Yakkay-hack tweed cover for my Nutcase helmet. Will report!

    • dottie

      Ooh, definitely report. I would love a Yakkay but don’t want to spend the money. I do have a Nutcase I could work with, though :)

    • Trisha

      Ooh please do!

  • Scott

    NICE!! That helmet and bike and basket are awesome!

  • Lovely Bicycle!

    What a nice idea! I’d do a red helmet with white dots, to make myself look like a cute mushroom.

    Great looking bike and basket too.

    • dottie

      That would be adorable :)

  • cycler

    That’s very cute.
    I’ve tried to make a yakkay style cover with dismal results. I’m not really enough of a seamstress to make something as elaborate as a hat. after a couple of tries, the best I got was vaguely cossak-esque. My next idea is to try felting directly on the helmet.

    I have customized my bern muse with a coat of sign paint- the reflective glass beads that they use for highway signs. It’s actually not as reflective as I hoped, but it has a nice matte-nubbly texture that I quite like.

  • calitexican

    this is so friggin adorable, i can’t take it. when i was little i used to despise polka dots, and the mama texican would wear them all the time. now…i can see why she was/is a fan. :D thanks for sharing this one!!!

  • Trisha

    Funny! I just personalized my Bern with cutouts from reflective tape! The polka dots are adorable.

  • cole

    the basket drives me nuts, granted i make porter crates for bikes so im i little more critical but that basket just does not fit with the bike.

  • Carrie

    I think her polka-dotted helmet is adorable, and the bike/helmet/basket set +cute together … but I’m seriously loving your Bates Crates, Cole (with cupholders no less, swoon!!) They look really fantastic!

    • Trisha

      Me too! I think one would look great on Le Peug. Hmm.

    • cole


      thank you, i really love the the crates the best part is that i get to spend time with my dad while i build them,he loves helping me build them. im really excited about the response im getting from them.

  • G.E.

    Super cute! Almost… ALMOST makes me want to wear a helmet when I ride. :o)

  • Neighbourtease

    holy wow, I love those bates crates.

  • nuliajuk

    You might want to check the manufacturer’s warrantee conditions before you do it. Some paints and adhesives contain solvents that could soften the plastic shell and make it less effective.

    • dottie

      Are you serious? That seems a bit too worry wart for me…

  • Christa

    They should make the dots RED. Then the helmet would look like a ladybug. :)

    • Christa

      Or a cute mushroom, as Lovely Bicycle notes above.

  • Matthew

    I’ve given up reading news sites and now read only bicycle blogs. And why? Because you gals saying you want to put black polka dots on a red helmet so you’ll look like a ladybug makes me smile.

    I might put knitting needles in mine so I’ll look like a Wiwaxia from the Cambrian Burgess Shales. (too geeky huh?)

  • Adrienne Johnson

    Warning! If you look at the warranty that came with your helmet, you will most likely see that it is void if you change the helmet in any way. The outside of a helmet is designed to slide on surfaces it contacts so putting things on it changes that. If anything happens to you while you are wearing it, the helmet companies will not take responsibility if there are any modifications to the helmet.

    I don’t wear one, but I thought you should know before you decoupage those suckers! : )

  • sara

    I like this. A lot. Of course, I have a thing about polka dots! First we decorated our cargo box in multi-colored ones but we’ve now moved onto robots. Will have to send along photos of my boys’ Bern winter helmets. Bikey friends gave us “Fun Reflector” stickers of stars & hearts so not only are they cute, but functional as well. And if this makes our helmet warranties void, well, I still think they are safer WITH the reflector stickers than without.

  • meligrosa

    holllyyy cute, this is fun :D

    chicago mmmhmhm is it in my future 2010 plans – mmmh maybe ;-)

    happy holidays dottiez <3

  • Pop_b

    so, what about it? Did it work?

  • Pop_b

    so, what about it? Did it work?