Back to Bat

Well, for the day at least! Afraid that continued neglect of my darling Batavus could lead to a pant-snatching incident, á la Oma, I took her out to enjoy one of the last days of fall. Together we posed in front of a scraggly tree that is desperately holding on to its leaves. Keep ‘em up there, little tree — I’m not ready for winter!

Off to work — I look skeptical of the self-timer feature

After two weeks plus of riding the Flik, my Bat felt . . . heavy. But also — stable! And comfortable. I know you roadies out there will probably say it’s just what you’re used to (and you’ll have a point — to an extent, I have gotten used to craning my neck on the Flik), but an upright riding position is SO much more comfortable than being launched out over the handlebars. The Bat was forgiving of my neglect and my sweater tights made it to work without complications.

Weekend plans include meeting up with Andrew, a local owner of a Bike Friday, during a ride through Shelby Bottoms. And, gulp, a viewing of New Moon. Don’t judge, people. As this spot-on article in the WaPo warns, it could happen to you.

Happy Friday!

  • Anne Hawley

    Hi. I’m new to cycling and to your blog. My one regret about my otherwise wonderful Globe Carmel comfort bike is that it’s not skirt-friendly. You look so chic!

    And is that a generator hub I see? I want one of those!

    • Trisha

      Hi Anne! Always nice to have another cycling reader on board. :) Yup, my Bat has a generator-powered front light; it’s pretty useful now that the sun is setting so early.

  • adriennejohnson

    My touring bike is wonderful, and I love it. It is nimble and light and rides like a dream. I am always thankful to get back on my Bat. Upright is addicting : )

    • Trisha

      Yes, experiencing (and appreciating) the differences between bikes is a good thing, but I think I’ll always come back to the uprights. :)

  • dukiebiddle

    See if you can get Andrew to do that awesome thing where you look sternly and snap his fingers at his Bike Friday and make fold and unfold in half a second:

    As for New Moon, I’m so out of the loop I had to google it. Wow. If I didn’t enjoy movies with exploding buildings and roundhouse kicks so much, I would totally be judging you. ;-)

    • dukiebiddle

      Geez, I really buggered up the syntax in that first sentence, but you get the idea.

    • Stephen

      WTWTA is an interesting flick. I watched it with my 11-yr old daughter. I was a bit hesitant about the exploding sun bit; she heard that story from an insensitive substitute teacher at her school, and has been kind of freaked out by the idea since. But otherwise it is a memorable film, though not quite as livid as the press has made it out to be.

    • Trisha

      Love the video. I shall see what we can do!

  • dottie

    Very pretty picture, that’s a great outfit.

    You know I wish I could see New Moon with you. Greg won’t go. This is one movie series when we cannot complain that the books are better :) Speaking of book/movies, I still want to see Where the Wild Things Are. Now I’m rambling…

    • Elaine, clothed much

      You look great for fall cycling!! And I can’t wait to see New Moon :D:D

      Thank you for the birthday wishes!

  • Liset

    You have such a great blog! It is great to ride the bike everywhere. In Amsterdam, people look strange at you when you say you don’t have a bike. I love your fall cycling style :-)

  • http://none grambev

    you look great and so does your bike!

  • maria

    Gorgeous outfit. I adore your tights.

    I can imagine that an upright bike would be so much more comfortable to ride!!

  • Lovely Bicycle!

    The cream trench coat looks nice with the navy blue frame – an interesting “naughty preppy” look.

    • Fendley

      Great site! Keep up the good work!

  • academichic

    Great picture, you look very stylish getting to work!

    I’m not judging, I read all four Twilight books, although I’m embarrassed to admit it . Hope you enjoyed the movie! S.

    • Trisha

      Thanks S! Good to know I’m not alone. I do recommend the movies for the eye candy and the (usually unintentionally provided) laughs. :)

  • Lorenza

    I long for for a quick bike so that I can have two, but my love for Pashley will never fade ;) riding in an upright position, nice and slowly, makes me appreciate my surroundings a lot more, and I am noticing I am smiling all the way! I am sure Bat was very happy to have you back ;) L x