Farewell, October!

I was riding home from work today and saw this beautiful leafy scene. My sister and I loved to rake up piles of leaves and jump in them as kids. In honor of playing with leaves, I stopped and had a little too much fun with my camera’s self-timer. I was way too into my leaf-playing to care whether passersby thought I was insane.

On Your Mark

On Your Mark…

Get Set

Get Set…



1-31 leaf

Yay Leaves!

10-31 wheel

Spoke Card Leaves

Brown and Blue

Blue and Brown

10-31 betty back

Betty Takes in the Scene

10-31 leaf bed

But wait, there's more…leaves!

Farewell to my favorite month. November’s pretty good though – first snow and pumpkin pie.

p.s.  Friday night, while I was curled up on my couch in sweats drinking wine, Halloween critical mass went right by my window.  I felt like a bum for being only a spectator, but was very excited to see them and totally geeked out for a couple of minutes. There are good arguments for and against critical mass, but I love it as a big ball of bikey happiness. 

  • http://www.commuteorlando.com Keri

    I love the photos! Beautiful and joyful!

    Was bummed to miss the Halloween Critical Mass in Orlando. But am happy to be up north and away from the heat for a few days.

    I agree about the bikey happiness. At least in Orlando, I think the sense of community CM offers far outweighs any controversy.

  • miss sarah

    Oh, I really love the “Betty Take in the Scene” shot. Nice!

  • http://lovelybike.blogspot.com Lovely Bicycle!

    Beautiful! I especially like the shot with the water in the background; nice contrast.

  • dukiebiddle

    I have to give you some serious juice for being willing to set up your camera’s timer and take candids of yourself frolicking in the leaves. I think that’s pretty cool.

  • http://www.londoncyclist.co.uk Andreas

    Awesome pictures of autumn leaves! As they say in Greece at the beginning of a new month: kalo mina! Ie wish you a good month!

  • http://www.pedalandcoast.blogspot.com Sox

    I doubt anyone thought you were crazy for playing in the leaves. I suspect most would want to join you.

  • Diane

    I love all the pictures! Especially the “Yay Leaves”. Such joy!! :)

  • http://www.mnbicyclecommuter.blogspot.com/ Doug

    Awesome pictures Dottie! You got a good eye. I like them all and specially liked the leaf spoke cards! I like your style. I’d bet you’d never see a lycra clad roadie along side the road playing in the leaves? Thanks for reminding us how to live life fully.

  • lemony

    Beautful photos! Ilike the 4th and 3rd. (My bf – an avid photographer- would like them .. – hope he ‘comes in’ soon to enjoy your photos – he’s in some remote corner of Earth at this moment.)

    Sometimes we have to behave like children again – ‘happily crazy’ and ‘carefree’ – to zest up our ‘adult’ lives (once more).

  • nuliajuk

    Who was Betty Foy and how did she come to have a bike named after her?

  • http://iamemmamusic.blogspot.com Emma Wallace

    Oh! Love the photos! So happy and colorful. October is my favorite month too, so I was a bit sad at it’s departure, but November and December are quite marvelous as well! And your bicycle is just delightful!


  • Cathy

    Betty Foy was a character in a Wadsworth poem. Lovely photos, Dottie. Reminds me of when I was younger and lived in places where we had leaves in the fall (New Jersey, North Dakota, Minnesota & Virginia). Now I live in the Sonoran desert where biking is easy year round! I sure miss those lakes, rivers, oceans, and leaves sometimes though.

    • http://bikesocial.blogspot.com/ Gordon Inkeles


  • http://lululetty.blogspot.com maria

    So gorgeous. My sister and I also loved to rack up all the leaves and then jump in them. Their musty smell was so wonderful.

    Thank you so much for your purchase. I truly appreciate it!!

  • http://sheridesabike.com Karen

    The Betty Foy is a nice contrast to the fall leaves. Lovely shots. For some reason, they make me want to visit a JCrew store, though.

    • http://lovelybike.blogspot.com Lovely Bicycle!

      LOL : )

  • http://www.ibikelondon.blogspot.com MarkA

    Oh my, what japes! Beautiful photo; made me want to come and play in the leaves too. I love shuffling through leaves without picking my feet up and hearing that Shh Shh Shh sound of crunchy leafyness – who said Autumn isn’t fun?

    Thanks for sharing the fab photo!

  • http://none grambev

    Great leaf photos. I hate to see October go. I’ve been taking photos like mad trying to capture as much as possible.

    • http://whatwouldanerdwear.blogspot.com Tania

      these are great photos. i’m sad winter is on its way, too, even though it means more great hats and cozy layers.

  • http://cyclinmissy.blogspot.com Cyclin’ Missy

    Playing in the leaves looks like so much fun! I’ll have to do some pile jumping when I rake my backyard.

    My dad used to play with two rakes like they were a huge set of jaws eating the leaves and sometimes chasing after me, too! It’s a good childhood memory of fall.

  • G.E.

    Such beautiful shots! And, it’s always nice to see a grown up having fun. Our Fall seems to be so short in Colorado (we seem to go almost immediately from summer to winter), so our playing-in-the-leaves time is short lived, unfortunately.

  • academichic

    Yay! I love that you stopped and played in the leaves and took pictures with the self-timer! How fun! They’re gorgeous shots and I love the blue bike with the yellow leaves all around, so pretty!


  • http://rowdykittens.com/ Tammy Strobel

    Beautiful photos! I love the fall colors. Too cool. :)

  • Patrick in Chicago

    I think I had a Dottie sighting on Oma yesterday morning by Lincoln & Greenview? I was waiting for my wife in the Starbucks and was thinking about her bike shop on Lincoln and she and I riding our old tandem together and then I looked up at there you were! You looked quite dapper…my wife hates riding in the cold with me…but I’ll keep asking her! Have a great day.

    • http://letsgorideabike.wordpress.com dottie

      Yes, that must have been me. Let me remember what I was wearing – burgundy tights, shoes and dress with brown sweater and black helmet. Neat :)

      • Patrick in Chicago

        That was you! I’ve seen you a couple times now, once on the Foy and once on Oma, but I never want to shout our a “Hey Dottie!” for fear of distracting you while you were pedaling in traffic. As it is my wife says I’m loud enough…and she’s right. You’d recognize me by the ol’ blue schwinn tandem I ride around by myself all the time…it’s in our courtyard, easily accessible and a comfortable ride.

  • Jon


    Autumnal big blog! Very beautiful , thanks.

    You and Betty look wonderful .

    Jon C.