Happy Birthday Grams!

It’s my grandmother’s 75th birthday today.

Grams and her new Schwinn bicycle (and cat!)

Grams at age 10 with her new Schwinn bicycle (and cat!)

There was hard work to be done on the Wisconsin farm where my grandmother grew up, but as the baby of the family by nearly 10 years, she was doted on — her sister Dorothy even took Grams along on dates to the drive-in.

Grams did let Dorothy ride her Schwinn once — but the story goes that Dorothy was not a very skilled rider and promptly crashed into the merry-go-round their dad had rigged up out of a plank and a wagon wheel. Grams still remembers the scratch it made on the fender.

My grandparents before their prom. High school sweethearts who celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2006.

My grandparents before their prom. They celebrated their 50th anniversary in June 2006.

Grams married right after college and had my dad a year later, but kept working to achieve her professional goals. She became a special education teacher who completed a Masters and made it a dissertation away from a PhD, while working and raising four children. Once they were grown, she helped take care of my brother and me on the days my mom worked. Grams taught me to read and bake — two things I still love today! Like Dottie’s equally awesome grambev, she reads and comments on this blog (as “Grams” of course!).

Happy birthday Grams! Maybe by the time I am 75 I will be able to finally make a piecrust that’s as good as yours.

Me and Grams, 2006

Grams and me

  • http://lovelybike.blogspot.com Lovely Bicycle!

    Oh, how nice!
    And I love the cat in the bicycle photo : )

  • dukiebiddle

    she reads and comments on this blog

    Oh yeah, make me feel guilty for making “that’s what she said” jokes here yesterday. Nice. Thanks a lot. ;-)

    • http://bicyclingsd.blogspot.com Beany

      Happy Birthday Grams!

  • http://let'sgorideabike.wordpress.com Grams

    Great article. Gramps and I loved the last picture especially (hugging is good for the soul). Since you can read and bake, you need to learn how to quilt and sew..xoxo Grams

    • http://www.jenniedemeis.blogspot.com Jennie

      Happy Birthday Mrs. P! Maybe you can hold a quilting class – I would come! I hope you have a great year!

  • http://www.fullhandx3.blogspot.com sara

    Where’s Grams’s bike now? Amazing that you have that photo and how lucky you both are to have this relationship.

  • Ashley

    I second Jennie on the quilting class. I would come as well!!! Happy Birthday!

  • lorenza

    What wonderful stories and memories :) xxx

  • http://bikesandthecity.blogspot.com/ meligrosa

    Great smiles run int he family. happy Bday gramma! :DDD
    &the pictures are great, such gems – thanks for sharing them with us <3

  • http://letsgorideabike.wordpress.com dottie

    Happy Birthday, Trisha’s Grams! Thank you for teaching Trish to bake – I have been the lucky recipient of many delicious baked goods from her :)

  • http://www.bikebicycleshop.com Schwinn Bicycle

    Happy Birthday Grams!